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Monday, November 6

This newly beta blog seem good to me except that it's kinda slow for me tho. Luckily I hang on till it is able to link up with flickr to post the photo from there.

Saturday morning, I was thinking of heading to Swee Lee with my Roland JP8000 for servicing, end up I slept through out though. Tired and needed more rest as I had to go to Kusu Island later in the noon. So, I had decided to head up to Swee Lee next Saturday, lest they might service it within a day. At the same time, I had to ask Sim to come up my house to check my computer because it is still having that stupid weird looking image after the change of new Power Supply. I spent $178 at C.A.S.H. for Antec 550w.

Hearing too many ppl saying its my graphic card consume too much power and thats the cause of having that weird image so I decided to go to Sim Lim Square on Friday with Sandy to get that power supply. Anyway, we have to get something for our office as well, so why not? Right?

We went to have our lunch at Parklane Wantan Mee before we head up to SLS. Too many shops selling quite expensive for Antec 550w and I went ard shop to shop in search for a better deal.

Alas, I got it for a better pricing compared to other shops. Currently Im holding 430w PSU, so I felt that there's no point for me to get a 480w since its just 50w diff and the cost is quite huge. I been doing some production works too and needed more power so, 550w was chosen at that time.

I wanted to get a 500gb hdd as well but its too costly for me to get now. Its about 393 bucks for Seagate 16mb buffer. I shall hold on to it. If my frenz, Sim, told me that my MoBo is unable to make my graphic card work properly, I will consider a Core Duo chip with new MoBo. Thats the worst scenario thou. Pray hard.

I met JJ last friday after I knocked off at Liang Court. Well, its horrible thou as its totally isolated. If not for Audio House was there, I think the entire place is gonna be a ghost mall. Pretty sad to see that. I told JJ alot of time that 42" TV is far too huge for a bedroom and he do not believe until he saw it himself and felt pain in his eye. To think I explained so many times. lol

Anyway, I passed him my external hdd when he sent me home because Im getting games from him. Company of Heroes! Marvellous game! You can literally panned the map, zoom in to see clearly and also there's blood shown for any soldier been killed. Somemore, there's even FUCK word shouting everywhere for the game.

Find out more of Company of Heroes over at their site. One of the highly recommended RTS game ever. Im currently playing the Campaign non stop since yesterday! Its so much fun though! Wow! Hehe.. But, becareful of your gf, wife pinch on ur ear, ok! Its fucking addicting. Hehe....

The controlling of the squad, armour and bombard of Artillery is hilarious! Haha.

Not to forget the Kusu Island trip on Saturday as well. I feel quite sad that Coller Quay had closed down because its much convenient compared to the current venue at Marina South. But, the journey from mainland to Kusu Island had been reduced tremenously! I wanted to bring my camera out for shoot but end up, I felt so LAZY again to bring it out. Because I still got to go to my aunt house for house warming. Hee.

Its kinda routine for us to go to Kusu Island every year. Pray to Gods and then climb up the 157 stairs to pray to "Na Do Gong" Why/ How he exist and how come Chinese and pray to him? To be frank, I had no ideas. But I bet I can find some information via internet. I shall share with you if there's any lead.

As we reach the peak, my bro-in-law saw his coll who is working there to sell Joss-Stick to worshippers. Its a pity for not bringing my camera there thou. I didnt have time to pack it as Im playing the comp game non stop since morning. LOL. Anyway, its kinda surprise that my bro-in-law coll's relative own this temple. So, by this information, you can guessed that its their ancestor to set up this very first temple at this tiny island, Kusu Island. Century, generations been passed down non stop. This is their culture.

We had our meals there as well and of course, nothing to compare in mainland. The food portion is quite small which cost $2.50. For coconut, $3.50 each. They earn once a year so, its ok. Just let them be.

I remembered in the past, all stalls were with hawkers selling incredible food. None were empty after all. Many ppl resting down and eat their food joyously and not much complaint of the cost. Guessed that when each year passed, the price of food also raised and led to more ppl chose not to eat there, they would rather bring their food along having pinic. With such scenario, more hawkers gave up doing business at the island. Noway they can earn afterall.

After the talk cock session, we made our move to the pier and head back. We saw the familiar faces who work for the temple in the mainland where I often visit. I even bought 6 cute Zao Cai Mao which have chinese horoscope on the cat head. It look rather cute. Springy and bookmark. Hee.

My dad was grumbling why he still need to get on the bus service provided by the MPA (I do not know the actual name) when he can park his bike straight at pier. He had to park at Carpark B, take the free shuttle bus to pier. For my sis and bro in law, they took bus no. 402 from Marina South MRT session and it's able to reach the pier straightaway.

So, we took the same bus no back to Anson Road to change the bus to no.196 in order to get to my aunt's house which is located at Marine Parade. It's quite near my girl workplace as well so, she can actually walk straightaway and meet me! Hee. As for my dad, had to ride all the way and fetch my mom. :)

The entire condo is ultimately nice with great swimming pool like sea! Hee.. from shallow to deep. And there's even a pool house to relax. Jacuzzi is not to be miss thou! Haha.

Their house is not as big as I felt. Homey but yet, quite messy thou. The room are pretty neat and straightforward. Most important is that they do have a long balcony linking from living room to masterbedroom. Its on the same length that there's no wall infront of the bed. You can actually head up, slide open the transparent door and there you are at the balcony. What make me shaky was that I felt the entire balcony kinda slant thus felt like it can fall off!

In fact, its because of the balcony had only a waist level hand bar and the below was made of glass and not wall. It seem so ultimate transparent that you are so exposed to the scenery. That make the god damn trick. One of the room made me feel so great was my aunt's husband work place. Its quite small as they break down the wall to have more capacity of the wardrobe from the masterbedroom. Upon entering the room, left was shelves and right was the computer work area. Walking up ahead was abt 1m tall of platform height area where you can laze down and watch tv, read story book etc. You can even slide open the transparent door to let wind pass. Looking out, theres glass panel to see through to make the entire atmosphere great. Its better then seeing a wall. Good idea for a cosy corner, luckily for that glass panel 'wall'.

Anyway, I shall share my dad's birthday photo as well. :o)

Wishing him have loads of money rolling in. Hee.. Stay healthy and be cheerful always :)

Here's my dad birthday cake ever! Happy Birthday to you. May you have loads of money roll in, get healthier!

I think my dad is anxious to get the cake cut before the candle is lit up for his wish. lol

Here goes my dad brithday wishes. ;)

Blow the candle after he made a wonderful wish :)

Cake cutting! Terrific! Yummy!

All Photos originally uploaded by joshboon.

It seem like my dad is getting really old. He is damn happy to have his birthday cake. Mom, Dad, *hug*

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