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Thursday, November 30

This is SO irritating as I wanted to post my blog and yet, it told me UNDER MAINTAINENCE!!!! And all GONE!!! WHAT THE HECK!!! SIAN.....

Anyway, something to share with this sickening video and this interesting link Kelvin gave me earlier on.

Summarise what I wanna say.

1. Had Japan Curry at the Japan Curry Resturant. Good food but too filling.

2. Went for massaging of my ankle as the pain is again taken place and the massuer got the right spot for my pain.

3. Had digestion at night after the Japan Curry.

This is not the sweet japan curry that cause me in this state but the spicy Japan Curry! Gosh!! Pearl rice with THICK Curry... how can you ever imagine... sigh... my girl got it as well.

1. See doc for MC to get medicine for indigestion.

2. Had breakfast before going to dental which cost me $60 and yet company only subsidies $50.

3. Go home and rest, give quotation of Interior Photographing.

4. Go Bukit Panjang Plaza for makan at Long John Silver and tempted to buy PSP but never in the end. Paid my terrific CC bills as well.. *broke*

5. Go home and ate a bit of rice that my mom cooked and rent car out to Queensway Shopping Centre.

6. Find PSP shop and found a shop offer not bad.

7. Got the PSP v2.81 since crack is coming out and they can do for me when I collect it.

8. Paid $540 for the entire set which include $10 screen protector, $60 top up for white. Original price is $470 with 1 gb card, 10 ISO card and homebrew games.

9. I paid only half since the crack is not out yet, and I rather collect cracked PSP and pay the balance when Im there again.

10. Guy promised me I got the set at this price and lest the price go up, no extra charges. If go lower, he follow the price. Fair and good. If crack delayed and X'mas getting nearer, might have lower price for promotion.

11. Wait for good news from the guy and hope that the crack will come out ASAP and collect my White PSP v2.81.

12. Good service and good attitude but most imptnt is they don't bastard me when I go collect my PSP. I got good faith and trust on them so this gonna be real good tho.

Finger Cross. Feel heart pain but really feel good.

My dude submitted the quotation to the resturant owner and hoping for good luck now. Praying damn hard. Interior Photographing and food photographing. Hoping for more and more... crucial.

Had a good feeling that something will happen.. aint sure what but this gonna be real good. Happy mode now. Wanna earn more and more!

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