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Monday, November 27

One of the great stuff done this guy. If you heard what Hossan Leong had sung during the talk cock parliament, then this animation is way to go.

Suddenly while I was in bus I began to think alot. This is solemly nothing to against anyone but just a thought of my mind. I have not club for a long time as I told many that I actually do not like the smoke and alcohol at the end of the day. I felt rather tired and lose alot of strength for the next day which I personally felt that I have more thing to do.

Clubbing is fun when you meet up with your pals and started dancing along with the strong bass pumpy genre of music blasting out from the speaker. You cheers with each other with the alcohol holding on your hand. Or, take out a stick of ciggie and started to puff while enjoying. This is what I am in the past. To be frank, I am the weirdo which I would prefer to sit at one corner enjoying the music with just a normal plain water. Alcohol is not a must for me, that goes with ciggie too. Kinda urge to have that once Im in the clubbing mode.

At the end of the day, smell is what I hate and that does not imply to me only. Even for that, I can self claim another weirdo of listening to dance music through getting liveset anywhere while not even enjoying at the dancefloor. I like dance music more then anyone out there, but just that I do not really like to club. It is somehow what I feel towards myself.

I may not know every single DJ out there but Im only interested of producers with great works. This is where I want to learn from them. Oh, my bad. I should say, Electronic Music. Be it, Trance, House, Drum and Bass or even Ambient, they are my best buddy in my Mp3. To be frank, I may have other genre of music in it but I chose ONLY dance music to listen wherever I go to.

Learn more and understand how each song goes.

Im proud of Andy aka Vortex from ExitMusik because he is one of the lucky bastard of all (Oops)! Haha.. Reason because of his weekly gig and alot of good luck fall on him. Therefore, he know what he want and what to achieve next year. I began to ask myself whats mine.

Simply to put in. As usual as what I felt. Music is one of the major I want to focus which is by writing more Electronic Music or even go up and knock doors at Labels and submit my compose track to them. Hoping that someone will buy it. Hence, I needed a guitar and a digital piano now. Of course, I need to set up my computer table fast and will be sourcing out soon. For my HDD wise, I guess till end of year when my bonus come in, I will get it. Lets hope my $380 currently will be in use for these, especially pay my bills first. LOL

Apart from there, photographing lie on the 2nd which I hope for more jobs and gaining more commercial stuff. That include wedding too. This is where contact comes in. After which, I hope to publish a book with a great team which I am sourcing out and looking for theme. Im wondering what should I go for. Many thoughts in my mind currently and I am unable to digest it well. I make sure things will go smooth and great. I had a wonderful feeling which something is gonna be great.

Overall, I hope to get marry with my belove darling. This is the top priority compared to those I mentioned.

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