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Friday, November 3

O Mi God! This is temptation! Need for Speed : Carbon!

Watch the ultimate drift! Woot! Gonna get that if I can!

This mth is going to be another huge spending mth.
First, I needed a new Power Supply. JJ helped me with my comp ytd and he overclocked the graphic card of mine and everything turn out fine except for the weird image which I have whenever I start up my computer.

He mentioned that the power is enough, it could be incompatible with MoBo. Some great guys from VR-Zone, CS and HWZ said: Graphic Card Screwed Up, Incompatible and most of answer will be power not enuff. So, I had to get a new PSU. Sim strongly said its due to power. Got to get a new one and test out. Anyway, my production do use up alot of power though. So, getting a new one will be good.

Hope that will be fine.

Another purchase will be my servicing of my Roland JP8000. Aint sure whether how much it will cost me but having it repair will be good. So I need not to worry so much for the sound. Rather then I change the whole entire board :(

Gien guitar also. Haha.. In my dreamz thou.

Also quite gien Company of Heroes. Hope that I get the game soon in another way. Originally selling at $60 at SLS. I rem seeing Seow Choon stated $39.90. I hope its the same game. Going to play with this ultimate great game and LAN with JJ and his frenz. Hehe..

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