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Friday, November 10

It was just another normal day to be yesterday. Bored and demoralise. Do not ask me why as I am unable to tell. Weird, isnt it?

Anyway, we head up to Tampines Mall for our buffet dinner at Family International Buffet. The entire outlook look grand and very european. The food is not as bad as it cater for all kinds. From Jap, to western, to chinese herbal and dimsum.

All I can say that the Dim Sum is indeed a letdown. Don't even think of it. There's even curry chicken as well. Meant for you to dip ur bread and yummy! Haha.. But, not to my liking of curry, thou.

I went ahead to attack more food with lots of fried food; nuggets, fish fillet, french fries, chicken. There are too many to choose and not as bad, thou its not the super high graded food. But most imptnt is to fill our tummy!

I went ahead to order chicken chop with the help of mariam as she heading to the same location. The thing is simple, take the fish look clip at ur table which had the no. tag on it, go to the stall and stick to the board whichever food you like. There are various food there but I didnt notice it as I did not go there at all. The chicken chop is great! And, while Keith going to order the Dory fish, I told him I wanted as well! End up, we ordered 2 time! Thats one of the best food afterall!

PICT1110.JPG, originally uploaded by joshboon.

One of my fav food: Dory Fish!

PICT1116.JPG, originally uploaded by joshboon.

Mariam having great enjoy the fish too!

PICT1117.JPG, originally uploaded by joshboon.

Of course Keith does enjoy the food. Ok!

Other then that, I took the sharkfin as well which is alright. But Im kinda full by then. LOL. Weird huh. Because, before the serving of shark fin, I had some cold food; prawn, oyster, prawn dish, raw salmon. Gosh... it's too cold for me to take it thou. I don't think my tummy is able to take it thus I stop eating that! Haha

PICT1122.JPG, originally uploaded by joshboon.

This is the cold food which I cant take too much...

PICT1126.JPG, originally uploaded by joshboon.

With such a fantastic food taken, the next upcoming will be ice cream! Kaka! Like it alot tho. Haha...

While everyone is seating down talking cock ard, the girl suddenly asked whether the guy had their filled already and end up, thought that the girl ask the guys faster go finish what you want! Keith, Jeff and Alex move off to get more food! haha... They got themselve a drink anyway. The girls and me were laughing and confused with the 3 of them suddenly move off together. Haha..

PICT1119.JPG, originally uploaded by joshboon.

This when all of us were relaxing talking... and while my coll, Mariam, use her finger to block the shot. :( haha

PICT1123.JPG, originally uploaded by joshboon.


Before this, Alex been a moron ever, went to get his 2nd round of the ice cream. He told us that the girl had the last scoop and told the waiter there's no more choclate ice cream left. And by his turn, there's none at all. He tried ways to scoop but invalid. Ok. He does feel cock. And lucky Keith got the new tub of choclate icecream. Haha.. While he came back with his colorful rice and chocolate ice cream, on the table, he had another cold plain water with hot tea. Bloody this guy dun feel any chemical reaction in his tummy. And yet, he still dare to say this to everyone:"Impress, right?" Man!! I feel like giving him a punch! Haha..

In the end, he said he cannot finished and complain not nice. I said this is because of you had those rice covered almost all ur ice cream! U had 3 scoop in total dude! I kept laughing at him non stop.

Next, Norimah side where the girls were talkin secretively till I add in and say what happen. Rubbish thing of she leaving IFP. Going away. blah blah.. Told us to close eyes and she wanna take out... something. And of course, Moron said" huh? take out? What?" Haha.. Everyone laughed.

Ok, so norimah took out envelope and pass to us. Thought bonus as SM initiate her to do that, but cannot be. Keith said, marry? Haha.. I open the envelope immediately when I received from her and got it! Marriage invitation card. Man... this is so sudden. I questioned her. Everyone stop me. What the fuck. Can't I just ask? Isnt that suppose to be like, asking? Questioning.. why they protect Norimah. not as if the rest are getting marry! Hmm... Anyway, the reply I got back was she had been with her bf for 2 years and they be tidyin the knot on 10th Dec which fall on Sunday.

SM and me nod at each other saying.. NEAR TO US FINALLY! haha..

All of us be heading down ard 1pm as she told us she be down ard that time. At the same day, her brother is getting marry. Wow.. Double Bliss! Incredible! I hereby wish her all the best and blissful marriage! keke

Wonderful. How abt me? I bet I will be the next soon, I hope.

Anyway, after dinner, I took the bus no.67 from Tampines to Teck Whye and the total duration was 1hr 20min. Its the first time ever I can finish listen my entire DJ mix on my mp3! Deep Dish live at Toronto! Hee

Funny things was, upon entering Geylang area, the music became sexy and pumping. Once Im out of geylang that tune just ended to intro another music. It seem like while listening to then music, the whole scenario was like MTV. First I pan from left to right while the car is moving. Filming ppl eating and laughing and roti prata guy flipping the prata. Move on left and right to see more ppl having food session. Pub, ktv etc... seeing guys been approached and asking for prices... there's group of ppl gathering ard as if something happen like there's fight. Police car with emergency light on and ppl flapping cars on street...

The entire scenario. WOW! COOL! Great! Thats my imagination. hehe.. Anyway, my butt hurt after 1hr plus of ride home. But the view outside make me feel so awake! hehe...

That's why I love bus alot. Was in Bike Forum. GSR 600 look great. 2 tail light with 2 exhaust beside them. Terrific! Hmm...


Another type of sportbike I would like to aim for is this other then Yamaha R1. Incredible short pipe, compare with R6, this ROCK!

For touring, this look the best!

Fierce looking bikes:

This Sat, heading to suntec for motoshow! See bikes! Take photos! haha.. Tmr I going to bring my Roland for servicing and move ard taking pic before heading home to get the bike. Will be a motoshow shooting vehicles. And please, models. Do not get into my way! Thanks~ hehe

Now waiting for Mariam and Mag's photo so I can post more in my blog. Sorry for the hand shake output. hehe...

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