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Thursday, November 16

Interesting link that Mag sent me this morning. Its so WOW when I arrived in office. Im the FIRST to reach. Took the newspaper at the front door and head in the office after swtiching the entire light, sat down have a great breakfast then followed by newspaper reading. Haha.

I thought getting on bike, Yamaha Sparks T135.

Its like malaysian bike but who cares? $16 full tank, cheap rd tax, cheap carpark and its small. I know due to my size, but I guess having own tpt is much better as always.

At least I need not to share with my dad's bike. As and when I can take the bike and off I go. Isn't it? hmm... 3.6K and I juz saw DeXing bike shop advertise on the classified, $500 down. Wow! Not bad... For the rest, 1.5K down. Im seriously thinking. Hehehe.. I guess, given a choice, Fazer600 is still top one thou. 1000 is far too much for me.

Im kinda thinking of MacBookPro, HP6828 and Dopod 838Pro. Which to get? Do I need a PDA?

This is funny when I was talking to Vortex earlier on. We would want to get a 2 x Dell 24" LCD which is 1.6K ea. That's damn high thou. But you get a good image. But, comparing with that, getting a 32" LCD TV hooked up with your computer will be another great choice! LG 32" allows that! Do I still need a LCD thou? For true color wise, I am confuse then.

But, having the LCD TV require more space so the idea drop. Then we talked about MacBookPro of 3.4K. Its Intel Core2Duo! And adding the sum, give you 2 x 24" Dell LCD. Which you prefer? Both of us agreed on MBP! Hahaha.. Thats human mentality. Funny right? We tend to like a thing at first and after doing some researching of the rest of things, in the end the idea can never work out and prefer to get another stuff. We always look the exp stuff but always look at which is revelant for us to grab it. That's human. Great.

I will aim MBP if nothing goes wrong.

MBP, Dopod838Pro, Speaker Stand, New Table, (maybe new comp with normal LCD), new bike. Money... better buy before the increase of GST. I be waiting to see whats the outcome it gonna be. All I can say is, letdown. They forgotten about the suffering of us, the middle level. Helping much for the needy is a must and good thing too but, how long can you do and how to? Why not lesser money then? Im sure they have more $. Local talent can never fight well because our country will be flood by foreigners due to their talent. Just like one of the boss who own a chain of Coffeeshop, he is from China. Well well.. what can we say then? We lose out.. dun send ur kids to local sch??? Sigh.... They set an example and we should follow.

Im not going to agrue with that lest that I will get ban or what. Its never a freedom of speech nor a freedom of doing things. We are been watched for what we do. Like what we learnt in army, you can do anything but dun get caught. In fact, over here, there's 24hr surveillance tv. :p

Anyway, I remembered Class 95 Glenn Ong like to eat Banana so his pass motion wun have any smell??? Ok, FD again try to be horny enough to create jokes! (I like)! Hey dude, you rock la!

There's this topic saying about there's quarrel between the couple and often started by the gal? I can't rem.

Glenn said:"Eat Banana and your day will be good."
And FD said:"Hell when the girl eat the banana, why does the guy need to be angry of! He is full of enjoyement!"

And there goes a long pause. Haha... It something like that as I heard. Haha

Next, on the same morning but different topic, its about girls that do not eat breakfast at all base on some percentage survey.
Glenn said "Having a banana is great for body. If you girls do not want to eat anything in the morning, take a banana."
FD:"Im sure alot of girl had the banana in the morning." "hahaha"

They rock la!!!! Farking rock! Haha.. WOOT!

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