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Thursday, November 2

Im aching all over after carrying the wonderful keyboard stand which I had got it from Swee Lee at Sims Drive. To think my girl and me had stayed at Bugis for almost 4 hrs in total and thats the first time I ever stayed so long!

My plan to find my speaker stand and keyboard stand at Swee Lee. So, before heading to Swee Lee at Bras Basah outlet, we walked ard at Bugis area to buy clothes, eat, pray and window shopping. I was feeling dilema on whether should I get this and that or not, so in the end, with my girl strongly pushing me to go ahead, I oblige! keke..

After lunch time, it was raining cats and dogs so we decided to get umbrella from Giordano which is half price for raining day. We walked to Sunshine plaza from Bugis to get games and then board the bus at Parklane to head towards Sim Drive.

Damn it that both of us got the wrong bus stop which is located near Waterloo st, because the bus heading there is going to Queensway and do a loop! All while my girl had been correct that we should head up to Parklane instead, but I told her that I got off over there and it should be opposite of the direction. And, the opposite of the direction is about 200m away! :p This is due to the main road is one way traffic.

Anyway, we reached Sims Drive ard 6.25pm and quickly walked up to the showroom and seek some enquiries. I got the Hercules Ez-Lok, dual keyboard stand. Great stuff and its very stable due to the double X and made in U.S.A. There's cheaper which cost $80 but its a single X and make in China. So, which one worth it? Original price is stated at $150 and I got it at $121.80! Not as bad that I fork out extra $40 for a better stand.

Sad to say that I am unable to find a speaker stand for my studio monitor. Im still in search of finding that. Its base and top are totally flat. I saw it over at Luther Music and to think they told me the stand is not for sale and got it over at Swee Lee. End up, I can't find it over there. SAD!

But, I had to send my Roland JP8000 for servicing as I told the person over there due to my problem because the sound doesnt generate anything till I press for quite some time. Heard that it won't take a long time to get it fix but hoping that it will be cheap and therefore able to get it back in few days time. :o)

After reaching home yesterday, we celebrate my dad's Chinese Birthday to hope that his luck will turn better. Happy Birthday, Father. Photos at home. So, I didn't upload. hehe..

Now, my dearie is having FTT. Hope she can passed it as I forced her to study last night through e-learning at Comfort Driving Centre site. :)

Good luck!

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