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Wednesday, November 15

If you want to have a great laugh and.. abit of kaoz... watch this.

Yesterday, I went to Motorshow at Suntec Convention Hall. The ticket cost $10 per entry and there's lucky draw too if you get the answer correctly. How many Exhaust Pipe can you find at the Subaru Booth. I shall not reveal it because I got it wrong. The entire car show was pretty ok ok. Not as wonderful. Ppl wise, not alot due to its 4pm and on wkday.

Let me cut it short. I shot alot without using flash at all. All basically handheld but some shot is fuck up as shaky cause. There are models everywhere but I do not even take a second look at them as my aim is to shoot the cars. I guessed some models are pretty pissed by me. Ok, I act as a pro thou. Haha.. Models wanna get into every pic when photographers are shooting. I cant blame them as they wanna get spot!

But, for me wise, cars as priority. I shot non stop at cars. I never shoot the entire car but part of it. Sometime, we have to zoom in and compose inorder to get a nice picture. Not as like a whole and when you get home and felt like its just another normal pic. Thats my philosopy. Over at Lexus, I was aiming part of the cars to shoot and my girl suddenly demand to see my photo! I asked why and she said that after another photographer had shot her, she kinda raise her eyebrow to get attention from me! But end up, what appear on my photo doesnt have her at all! Im not in the least interested. I felt like asking the model to stand one corner. Haha.

Models just stood there to block my view and the beauty of the car, the interior is great but yet.. kaoz.

I went over Honda and Yamaha bike! Wonderful Fazer 1000/ 6000/ R1! My gf agreed on R1. Haha.. But too bad I can't sit on it. So, I sat on CBR1000 and took at pic. I am already quite big size, so the bike itself look pretty small to me. LOL. Suit!!!

Aiming for the BIKE LIAO! CBR = no COE. Hmm.... wondering.

I tried the XboX360 PGR (I think) with the steering wheel. Ok, I performed damn bad at the wide screen infront of so many ppl. So embrassing! Haha But, quite tempting to buy it man. LOL

Shortly after the walk ard at MotorShow, we went to Yuki Yaki for our dinner. Do not know or heard that Avy house got cook and I insist of heading in there when they are ok of eating elsewhere. Hmm... But, then again I just do not want to disappoint ppl so we went ahead. Good food but kinda sick of it. LOL

After dinner and shopping ard, time is getting quite late by then. Both of us head off after saying goodbye with Avy at the bus stop. I insisted of heading to their main stop and check whether we can board the bus over there which is under the Ben Bridge. We approached one of the bus driver of no.75 and luckily this bus head to BPP all the way. If not, we do look damn embrassed by saying this is not the bus we want to take but another. Shortly after the discussion of we have to walk back to take 190 at Raffles area, the bus driver allowed us to board the bus. In fact, we wanted to take 960 instead. Why not? Since the bus reach BPP and its the bus we can take, why not take the risk.

Good bus driver! Thanks! I did tap my ezlink card after the bus go to esplanade. Look ugly if we board free ride and furthermore, the uncle allowed us to board at main station. Its a long walk toward the first bus stop. I guessed the uncle knew that its a long walk so, he chin chai. haha..

The bus travelled, from Esplanade to Shenton to Tiong Bahru, Range Road, Holland, Ulu Pandan, Bukit Timah, and BPP. Quite fast and my dear is damn surprise. Hehe..

Anyway, great la.. not a wasted trip. Hehe... I shall post my MotorShow photos later on as I need to carry on with my work first. Priority. Rem, aim is part of cars and not models. Cant stand ppl go stood models with cars. Weird... I guess, shooting real model are even better. Haha.. Thats me tho.

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