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Friday, November 24

I shall pour out what does the 3 main word that I used yesterday to someone over certain conversation last night. It did brought us to certain point of view with much of mis-understanding.

They are:

to incur the dissatisfaction, dislike, or disapproval of; offend; annoy

Unknown :
not known; not within the range of one's knowledge, experience, or understanding; strange; unfamiliar.

a person who receives the hospitality of a club, a city, or the like.

There is a huge misinterpret during the conversation. Having looking at the meaning, does the word Unknown mean a huge HOO HAA? Personally, I do not know the person, why can't I use that?

Even though I am in wrong, but I got put words on my mouth which is a huge terrible feeling. I, merely giving some comments irregardless whether one's wanna listen or not, and yet got shoot right back. I am wondering that if giving some feedback can actually kills? Does ppl open to any suggestion then put down the sentence without having trial?

My conscience is clear of what I wrote over here. I do not care much of how others felt because I know my rights and limit upon writing and talking nowsday. There are things to say and not to be said. There's never a jealous or envious in my heart when I heard. To me, I hope to contribute base as outside position and asking why some do not even post in forum? Having said that, I got determine as look down at others.

Indeed I am once a unknown figure, and till today I am still one. I do not forsee a great name or fame in any aspect because I do not go for it. You get nothing even when fame fall on you, infact Flaming start. I need not to let others know who I am as I belong to the past or history. I need not a huge respect saying:"Oh you are great". What I need is ppl willing to listen to outsider.

How many times in life I told others and in the end appear to what I had expect? Can one's just tell me? You may sitting behind the comp saying here I am crapping once again and bull shitting. Each time I said something before, does it appear / happen mths later? So, am I trying to pour some irrevelant stuff? I guess, everyone know.

We are on different track of life and aim. I need not ppl to tell me that I do not attend to certain gathering because I know myself. While I do not know anything, do I have the right to say unknown figure? I didnt say, who the who-so-ever are. This is what I consider rude and look down.

Darrel told me, via net is easily misinterpret as we cannot see body language. True. Im cool, calm now. Im not trying to say who is right or wrong. This is neutral. The moral of my blog is that Im trying to comments and been nice to say thou some word seem to be harsh. I had nothing against to anyone but I felt that though I had long left this group but we can no longer communicate as like before. How times do change everyone thinking.

I shan't say anything further as not to displease ppl if my blog had been read. I will keep my mouth tight lip and never to say anything about comment/ feedback because it bring unhappiness.

Another thing to say from Darrel. Heh. He said 50% of his pal who are in photographin line facing some $ prob and how are they going to retire by the age of 65? Continue the shoot or??? This qtn and scenario already reflect to me mths before. Future and business.

He also said, its more to business then photographing. I agreed with him because you will not survive if there aint any much business. You may be a top notch whatever, but without clinching any deal, what can you eat? Top doesnt get you anywhere because there's always another higher level. You can work and earn big bucks for few mths because of your position, and you get deals anywhere because you are number one. Deal just come to you straightaway and no marketing are needed because of your name. Just one fine day, someone climb on top of you. Immediately, you drop into deep hole. You lose everything because of poor marketing.

One must not be too self centred. One must learn everything in any aspect by promoting. Lucks do no fall from sky so often, sometime, you got to catch the luck. As simple as, first step.

Enough of my say... I shall continue with my Coke Lime and enjoy the Korea AOD.

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