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Monday, November 13

I had to say sorry to those who I cannot make it to TranceRepublic on Saturday. Im feeling so god damn sick due to the stupid flu. Then, the thought of renting the car all the way to Aloha Chalet also make me more demoralise. I do not wish to cause anymore discomfort for myself, or rather spread the flu bug ard, I smsed to Yash, Citrus, Jason and Lionel for not able to go.

The guys do had lots of fun. Great.

During the noon time, I went ahead to Swee Lee Company to get my Roland JP8000 for servicing. I went down to hail the cab and sadly to say, one of the empty just went passed me! And further more, it was raining at that time and I was at the void deck flagging cab, hoping the driver can see me. I hug my Syth with my umbrella across the road and wait. As I need to read some SMS my girl sent to me earlier on how to reach to Suntec from Swee Lee, I found out that my phone was not in my pocket!

With no hesitation, I rushed back home and get the phone! So, again, I crossed the road 3 time under the slightly heavy rain. Luckily within 5min of wait, there's an empty cab coming toward me and it mentioned Change Shift at Bedok. So, I tried my luck and saying Sim Drive and the uncle nod and I hop in with my syth.

After I reached Swee Lee Coy, I went to the back where the Service Centre is located. Inside, lots of PA equipment and also the old looking dark wood which is Customer Corner. Look like 70's era thou.

Waited for 10min and no one come out. Luckily, some ang mo came in with lots of noise and therefore, the guy came out. Anyway, I waited patiently for him to service them. From his tone of voice, he sounded like from other country. Hmm.. I still cant figure out.

For my syth, I was told after 5years of usage, capacitor will cause such problem: Low Volume, Sound cant to produce out. Zaggy sound heard. No strenght. OVer 30 capacitor had to be replaced and I was quote $130 for servicing. If its over $130, they will call me up to inform and check with me whether I would like them to carry on. No matter what, just get that thing works man.

After the signin of invoice, in abt 1 week, I can collect it. Pray hard. So, i went up to Swee Lee Music section to touch guitars before I head to take bus no.64 to Waterloo St.

Since the time is so early, I decided to take bus no.64 and walk to Suntec by cutting towars Bugis area. Its really much nearer when you walk to CitiLink. Hilarious, ok. Anyway, I checked out one shop selling bikes. Haha.. Honda Blackbird 16K! For new machine! And 14K for Yamaha Fz600. 19K for Suzuki 1000. Wow.. hehe.. 13K for S4 Spec III. Hehe.. ANyway, quite cheap thou. Ask for fun anyway. :p

I had meal with my girl and her coll at Billy Bombers. By right we wanna Yuki Yaki but we have to wait for 90min! End up we gave up. Halfway thru our eating session, Avy received a call saying she need to go to rehearsal as she wasnt informed afterall.Sian.. I can guess that feeling thou. With quick bite, we head out to Marine Square to take bus no.36 and alight at YMCA. For Avy, she went to rehearsal place and my girl with me went to PS to gai gai. :p

Nuthing much there as we went to Daiso and Yamaha Music School. Acoustic guitar for $700. Sound cheap to me. Temptation but I stop myself. After that, we went to check out some Aibi products as they having road show. LOL. hehe...

Next, nothing much, we head home later. Feeling so sick, quicken my pace to bus stop and take bus no.190 home.

Sunday as usual. Nothing much. Went out with Jackson at Queensway Shopping Centre then back home, fetch my girl with my dad's bike.

Some prob with Dad's bike, sound like timing run but cannot be. I go fast, and trying to stop, the engine die off. huh! Hard to start engine. And also, waiting for traffic to turn green, engine suddenly die! Gosh.. About 5time in total! Sigh.. Guess this Daelim bike kinda bad.... Hope my dad get it repair and gotta pay him the sum of money. Hoping it turn out well. Sigh.

After fetching my girl, we went ahead for great food. Ok. Friday, I had Fried Kway Teow, Fried Oyster. Sat, I had Spring Chicken at Bill Bombers. Sunday, morning I had mixed rice as usual from Tiong Bahru (had that every sunday for years), noon went out and had fried Carrot cake. Night time, went to Bukit Timah to buy Fried Oyster, then Bukit Panjang Palsar Malam to buy Tea Egg, Ramly Burger x 2. Hee... Home, I had that with Fried Beehoon and chicky! WA LAN!!! LIKE THAT SURE HIGH CHOLESTROL AND NOT GOOD FOR HEALTH!!! hehe.. I better start taking more veggie and light food. Still drinking Herbalife... to clear my system and its a healthy food.

Luckily I still had my herbalife because I gonna take it until it finish so as to hold on until my pay day. After huge debt paid up and servicing things, I left with shit money. This morning, I transferred $1464 to my sis for Thai trip. And Great Eastern just deduct the payment. I literally left $154 now. Sigh... Why why why... Too many bills and spend too much thou. And also my power supply. I better save up... look like not a good year for me..

Hoping my dude give more lucks. I had to push more to earn more.. Dun care already. Hehe.. Wanted to focus on production and buy new desk and monitor stand to put in another room, but kena said by mom for putting so many things.. Argh.. then for what the room is use for? To get tenants? Sigh.

I also wanna a LCD TV... sigh... For my computer, hoping for new comp. Core2Duo, new Mobo with PCI-E. New Hdd with all Sata. 2 x 24" Dell LCD. 2 x Dell 24" cost 3.4K. I was thinking, 32" LG LCD TV kost only 1.9K! TV also can hook up! Not bad leh. Hmm.. lol... Save lagi more! How...

Look like I better dun buy steering wheel for my PS 2. Better save up. :) Tot of getting PDA phone.. give up the idea. LOL. John Teoh selling 6515 for $150 only. His frenz selling 6828 for $550. Hmm.. lol.

Got to do more things fast, so that I can go on time off tmr. Wanna see motoshow at Suntec and avoid crowds. hehe.. Thats the best time to go. But sadly my girl had meeting until maybe 3pm or so. Hee... Will be bringing camera to shoot some stuff there. Hehe.. Must fully utilise the cam... right?

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