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Wednesday, November 8

I gonna sing Happy Birthday song to myself. LOL. Anyway, its just another day except that you are growing older. 26! Thats the digit for me now. 26 years I had grown on this planet/ small tiny island.

Whats my wish? Hmm.. Not to say out to prevent the wish disappear. :p

My plan is to move on and be a better man. Mature and know what Im doing. Daring is the word, and not to forget the confident.

I took half day ytd to accompany my girl but end up due to my pain in ankle I feel so irritated. Wanted to go movie but I scare I spend too much of my girl's money. Thats something I personally do not like it at all. I had no choice as most of the money were paid for my bills.

Anyway, after the beautiful lunch at Carl's Jr, we head to Queensway to meet JJ. We went to Ikea for shopping, hoping to get the stuff that I want, tables, speaker stand etc.

Soon after the trip at Ikea, we head to the motor shop to see Yamaha R1, Suzuki 600, Suzuki 1000. OMFG! R1 limited edition is fucking great! But, 32.5K! All sport mount! And the new Suzuki 600 with a small pipe, cost ard 20.5K! Fucking shit. New R1 ard 21K! Argh.

I went to another shop which is FY plate, black R1 costing 16K. Which is abt 400+ per mth for 4 years. Dans.. Where to get the cock money. For Super Four Spec III, 13K OTR with everything on.

Sigh.. I wish I can ride 5mth of racing bike before I convert to street bike like S4 which is highly recommended. Cheap, good, stable and great bike. All I can do is to dream of the bike.

It was ard 6pm before we make our way home. We alight at Ten Mile Junction bus stop as it does not ride up near my house. So, we went to shop ard and end up at the massage parlour. OMFG. Great on the start when I had it massage! But, I began to feel god damn pain in the later part. I do not know why I endured throughout. But I feel so great! Maybe this is due to because I had not excerise for a long time and the entire muscle feel so tired.

After the massage, the feeling is good and suddenly my girl told the lady boss about the ankle of mine. The lady took the chance and say they can do for me and the result = Great! I feel so comfortable after the massage. It was quite swollen as seen by the lady boss. The pain is endurable, but when the aching part had been pressed, its quite not bearable. lol.. But I do feel so much comfortable after that.

And now, Im feeling aching all over and I had no idea why Im here when my dear persuade me not to go and work. Sigh.. Stupid me. Argh.. I feel quite so stupid. Tonight meeting my girl again as she had to go to Victoria Concert Hall for rehearsal. Lousy timing. Until 10pm thou. I be driving down later on. Gotta book the car later on. Hehe.. Tonight, supper with her coll as well. Keke. lalala

Where? Eat what? Hmm...

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