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Sunday, November 19

I forgotten to add this. Furious! Argh.. I lost my fucking cashcard when I parked my bike at Plaza Singapura! I forgotten to take it out after I entered the ERP zone! Argh.. Curse that I swear on that MoFo!!!! I got $17 left! Cursed that MoFo enjoying many days of ERP entry! Fuck! Argh.. ANGRY!!!..

Make sure you rem to take out ur cashcard each time after entering the ERP Zone! Or enter the carpark! PUIZ!!!! Why I forgotten!!! Sigh... Anyway.. now downloading great stuff of Adobe Lightroom. You should use it! You freaking play ard on Jpeg! Even holy then using RAW!

For those who dunno, by using Jpeg each time, there's loss of quality each time you open it or process the photo. This is great program, save the memory of your work, multi paste on the rest.. save alot of work time.. :p Thanks Darrel for sharing!

I still cant get over my cashcard.. gotta buy it tmr.. fook.

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