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Friday, November 17

Hard time for yesterday as I worked non stop till the clock strike 6pm. I off to Funan for a walk before I meet up with Darrel and meet with the rest of the gang. While we were at the food court, I saw one of my camp mate standing infront of me ordering food! I hesitate for a while before he turn his face towards me! AH TONG! I shouted! LOL

He thought that Im still DJing some stuff and lost contact with him. Brat, how can I lost contact with them when I never even change my hp no afterall! LOL. He mentioned of meeting up with the entire 31st batch for one of these day. He also reveal that he is getting marry! Next mth! But, hell that he had not find a resturant. Suspicious for me now! haha.

Anyway, while I met up with the rest of the guys at TCC, we didnt actually talk much till when we were about to take our leave. Before that, we were merely talking about our next shoot and blah blah blah... who, where, how. All the usual stuff that the photographers will discussed about.

I felt rather sleepy and tired until end of the conversation when someone popped out a qtn. There are more secret then what we see. A surface that is calm on top at Iceland, but way below it, there are more to see. Whether is it a blessing in disguise, I had no idea at all. For what I can said, each time I wanna do something for it, opportunity kinda strike but I rejected it. End up, I won the battle without fighting it.

Shall I said as Con Artist or whether so called been made used of? Everyone of us were understand the whole picture when bits & pieces were layout nicely. Shocking truth arouse our suspicious towards whosoever.

The roti prata man is great at flipping to get both side able to eat and not to forget the last step is to crump it. This is the entire scenario as what it is.

Choose to believe or not, most of words we heard isnt truth. High ego and highly ambitious person will eventually fallen down with a huge pain on ur butt. Be rather careful of your doing and self claiming. Do not push the luck too far by saying others isnt good when you urself isnt. We treat you as one of us but yet sad to know we are one of the victims.

The victims, which is us, were not disappointed as we come together close enough. We learnt something at the end of the day. I told Darrel before:"If he is good, he wouldn't conduct lesson afterall." I bet Darrel should rem this sentences I mentioned before, unless he is senile. :op

In the end, everyone is on their separate way by doing what you can. Been a sweet talker doesnt bring you far and move on high. It's actually a mirror reflection in your life.

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