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Monday, November 27

Duhz... what an interview this can be... powerful... Simply can't imagine such an interview can turn out like this.

Yesterday, around 12pm, I had meeting with my dude at HV but end up telling me it might change to evening time. LOL.. He even said that he told me its today but yet timing had not yet been confirmed! Haha... In fact, its truth that he told me its 12pm on friday.

So, in the end, I went around everywhere on bike and head up to my dear's office and sit down with my newspaper. She is not feeling so well since Saturday as she injured herself while going down from staircase. Poor thing. So, her boss told her to go to see a Chinese Doc to get it rub.

We left early around 4.45pm thou the initial timing is 4pm. This is due to one many question customer that came in to enrol for her son's violin course. hehe.. Good business. Not bad.

After which, we went to Orchard and shop ard till my dude get back to me what time will it be. So, in the end, the answer is postphoned to Tuesday 8pm. Heh.. quickly, we went back to Wisma where I parked my bike at, and rode off. $2.10 for the parking is quite exp thou, but compared to parking illegaly for $70... hmm.. you see the balance.

Soon, we went to HV and check out where is the resturant, but wasnt too sure where is it, we decided to go home since its going to rain any sooner.

Been reading newspaper for the past few days and there are alot of things to update abt the world. War, economy.. etc etc. I love/hate Saturday Strait Times! Too many article to read and Im kinda slow at reading and needed to digest every single any details. lol Its like 5 The Newspaper thickness for Saturday Strait Times. Woa... Until yesterday then I managed to finish the entire article. :p Not all thou...

I am at Clementi Mac readin the Strait Times and not intended to go anywhere since the weather is so god damn hot! Even when I board the bus at Bukit Panjang interchange, the warm heaty air making me suffocating! The air con seem to be blowing HOT AIR and NOT AIR CON! What kind of service is that??? Can you imagine the hot weather nowsday? It terrible thou!

I did sold my Camera Fz-20 to a gentleman whom I met at Clementi Mac. The deal is on and wonderful purchase! Compared mine to others, I bet that mine had a better deals since I come with filters and external flash. Everything is working fine and Im kinda love the cam so much... ha..

I sold at $380 and intended to get my 500gb Sata HDD but aint sure what's holding me back. And also, wanted to get a table which cost $180. Material is even better then Ikea. Soon after the deal is on, and Im reading paper at Mac, Jackson called me up and joined him to hunt ard for Punch Card Machine. Went ard to collect his paint and find my gf for makan and to his working area.

Kinda in need of ppl, he said. Im thinking, if I had nothing to do at home on weekend, I might as well help him with it. Make myself even more tired is fine but at least work hard to earn more and learn more. Nothing is work and dun learn anything. Busying finding ppl to do the paint job too. That depend whether Jackson want them or not. Kaka...

Next I say goodbye to Jackson from his workplace at ECP and walked from golf club to Marine Parade. Its pretty near as there's underpass somewhere ard. I saw my dad's bus ahead and hop in his bus as my girl called my dad for bus service. Even thou there's only 5 ppl, but due to their Cello, its quite impossible for them to carry on bus, cab or maxi cab. Bus preferred thou. End up, some parent rather send their own kids by themselve or some ppl drove to Victoria Concert Hall on their own for concert.

After that, I just went home with my dad as the rest go for concert. Im wasnt the photographer on that day so, I intend to stay home and rest. My girl even told me that they had seafood at Boat Quay and the total sum reaches $500! Daylight robbery! Kaoz..

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