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Sunday, November 19

Another fine day had gone and Im typing my blog now at 1am with the beautiful music from Lush 995. The day gone by as simple just like before. I started watching tv since morning as there's nothing for me to do then. I wanted to do some production but due to I had taken all my cables, I left with nothing else now. Im currently waiting to get a new table first. Then I shall start up with the great desk work.

By right, Im supposed to go my sis house and take care because there's some renovation work at their masterbedroom toilet. The reason is simple, bro in law and her gone for honeymoon trip for their Europe tour. Sweet travel! But they never knew some trouble work our side had to do. Cover part of their room so that renovation work won't dirty the area. Sigh. Anyway, go there sit down and watch them do work while I can also play my PS2 on their LCD TV. Don't always think of bad but bright side.

I saw some incredible show on Discovery Channel "Guilty or Innocent". This story is fact and Im terribly upset and even shed my tears for the outcome. I cut it short for the entire show.

2 guys were wrongly accused for bank robbering in US during the 70s. All eye witness pointed the exact 2 guys when the police officer gave the photo to see and including of line up. They were then sentenced to death by the judge and still they are claiming for wrongly accused. Later, when the police officer found out 2 identical look on the photo which faded alot matched the wrongly accused victim's, he knew they were clean. With poor luck, the officer were unable to get robbery. And I kinda forgotten that 2 guys were sentenced to Life Imprisonment, I reckoned because they had not found the right guys, thus reduce the sentence.

Years passed as one of the wrongly accused been typing to FBI for more information. He felt that he is wrongly accused and won't give up till his last breathe. He had only $200 to hire a lawyer as he sent many of letters out. Yet, 1 finally came. He got part of the information from this lawyer and yet later told by FBI some of the document were gone or burnt. (Im aint sure about this part). Later, 3 years passed. He got a thick envelope containing of all his past records and information deal in court from FBI. They were sorry that they had been a gravely mistake.

He was pissed by then and a nun calmed him down. He was told one of the society is able to help him out. I forgotten the name. He was granted for this case and its totally FOC for his case. By looking at the situation, new lawyer told him that his ex lawyer mislook lots of factors and important point! Those are the most important points that can be justified by then. Later, after huge investigation, he was been released. Another guy was released too in about 1-2 mth later. They had finally reunite with their family.

They had a gathering party for celebrating their release, one of the officer who caught them was there too. He said:"I had no time to angry of. Life goes on. I had spent wrongly for the entire 26 years in there." I shed in tears. Determination and his never die hope make me feel guilty. You shouldnt be afraid after all.

That led me to think all over again. I want to shoot more as wedding photographer. Nothing to scare about except for the camera. Im thinking of getting a new camera, Nikon D200 or Canon 30D. Both are fast cam compared to Fujifilm S3pro. Colour wise, no matter what, Fuji rock. Not to mention about the High ISO noise level as well.

Change to Canon, I had to sell everything off and incurr more money. Sell to get Nikon D200, I had no problem for lense as they belong to same mount. Just that I always preferred Canon for no good reason. I guess colour and not too sharp output.

Had S3pro been not fast, using AA batt, I wouldnt thought of selling. But, with the fear of greatly depreciation, Im worried I cant fetch a good price when S5 launch. S5pro using the body panel of Nikon D200 and I do not mind getting it so long focusin is fast. :p which I doubt so.

Colour or speed? Darrel chose speed and I too. But to change a new system, that give me huge headache. I can eventually use S3 for wedding project but fearing of slow focusing kills me. AA is bad headache thou. First, I need to get more wedding job. For the dream of future, bike, PSP, XboX360, PDA phone, LCD TV, good life.. work hard is the key word. Gotta go Ikea to get my table first. Oh.. chair too. haha.

So... Canon and Nikon.. hmm.. though I love Fuji... next will be Nikon... Actually lots of stuff can be done with Canon, part of the reason WHY I love them.

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