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Friday, November 3


Agfa-HP5-003, originally uploaded by Andy Vortex.

Somehow or rather I do not understand my frenz, Vortex, like to take picture at cemetery. What give him such a big courage going there and shoot? I wun have such a gut to go thou... Do not disturb the dead.

I remembered that I went to Chinese Cemetery in the night time when its about 8pm. Gosh.. You can literally feel the "yin' is damn strong. Dogs barking everywhere and in a weird sound that you can ever heard. I at the top of the hill with the surrounding of the graves looking far up in the sky doing a photo shoot which call Bulbing. Oh dear. If not for other friends to come along, I will not take up such a challenge. But overall, it's nice.

However, I never get to the how the photo turn out as I sold my SLR to my pal with the film included. Sad.

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