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Saturday, October 28

The praying of increase had finally arrived. The thought of higher percentage in my mind didnt appear at all. In fact my gut feeling is strong and it turn out right!

5% of increase. As if you are paying for the GST. Why didnt they up just a little more? Perhaps, I shouldnt ask for more since the thought of leaving had been in my head for sometime. Hoping for best of everything.

Awaiting for the reply from the film company make me waited anxiously. Sad to say that they had sponsor to do their sound design already. Is that bless in disguise? Because I know a shit out of it. Anyway, at least I got the courage by pushing myself to accept the job.

Hoping the photographing do well later on. All awaiting for more confirmation. I felt like I had lost my path once again. Is it because of boring saturday? Nothing just come to my mind afterall.

Tunning to Mark Sherry's Tech Trance mix make me feel better tho. But doing the production on this make me confuse. Because I had no idea what can I do about it. Sigh... Im sucks afterall. Many of stuff I can do but no idea just strike me. I had no strong determination finishing the task.

Now, family $ prob make me even more confuse shall I change the job. But, I do really wanna see an increase of my mthly pay alot more. Then just a pure 5%. That indeed sucks. What am I best at? I had no idea at all.... I feel so down now.

But, no matter what, I still got to brace my courage up by preserving it. I had to focus about things I wanna achieve of. I do not want to fail anymore. I wanna prove out! :) Hope for the best.

I just bought R1! Yummy! In fact... no insurance, COE, mthly instalment occur! :p

Anyway, that 18K bike is one of my greatest wish! Therefore, in order to get it, I paid $18 only! Haha.. ok ok ok.. model bike... so??? Hahaha.. I like it! Who cares. I even bought Subaru WRX and Honda Integra! LOL.... How awesome huh!

Bored... Maybe I should go to turf city with my pal to see cars as his dad wanna change it. Why does ppl wanna change car like as if changing clothes? Sigh.. for me.. I cant even fucking afford a PDA. Let alone of bike or a car. Sigh.

Thats life.. I shant compare no more. It make me feel so sick. Be contented.. I know someday/ one day... I will make it. I must fucking prove it! Be it audio or photographing... I must not let anyone look down on me. I grown up... mature... and holding more responsible.

Dearie and mine hoping to open a cafe. And serving nice food. Free internet access. Relax. Take care of children. If possible, I can open a studio upstair, or even a post production studio. And if any possibilities, my dear frenz can chip in to teach piano too. Recording, piano session. How about some DJ session too? Not bad, right. All in one... require money.. I must pursue this dream of ours!!!!!

I miss clubbing... hehee....

Thought of doing some car audio business but aint sure what can I do. My knowledge to sound is fairly ok to good. But to car audio, Im quite sucks but one of my favourite stuff. Maybe I can tune sound for them. haha.. I will talk about why does one wan a flat frequency response.

The reason is because, if your sound is flat, any tune that you listen to make the coil pump up nicely. If you boast this and that, it only occur to one genre. Thus, when you listen to Jazz while the bass is ultimate meant for dance music, you find it sucks. Thats why, the pre custom eq are meant for it, so you can select. To listen the original sound, flat is the best. You need not to adjust any shit unless you wanna the high mood of dance music. Then, bass is there for you. But, overall, how many willingly to listen flat sound? Complaint is what you hear then.

Nevertheless, its good to have flat eq. In a car, I find it useless having 2 woofer. While the sound been pump out and hit the metal, it will become a phase cancellation of sound as its been rebounced to the woofer coil. So, whats that point of having 2 woofer? To pump up high? Oh dear.... Do a correct positioning make the sound prefect. Its how you eq and mix the amp and woofer with speaker, not the brand itself. You may have the best of equipment, but having a poor adjustment make the quality degraded.


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