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Saturday, October 14

Much of complaint abt the camp had finally come to an end. Friday the 13th! To think we had range on such a special day!

Let me summarise in point form.

Day 1 Range:
IMT, reached camp at 0630.
Wait for bus to send us to Pasir Labar Camp.
I had no problem with gun thou.
Fall out in the noon and went to Clementi Camp for E Mart shopping. Great place to find most of the stuff there.

Day 2 Range:
Actual live firing, report to camp at 0530.
Steam man as I had to wake up damn early, thanks to Lawrence lift!
Draw weapon and procced to 100m range.
Nowsday point accumalate as detail level, no more individual.
Day shoot, 70%. (80% for Marksman)
I had good zeroing for my rifle and need not to do anything abt it.
Got praised too!
As we switched from SAR80 to M16, night shoot is a must. (in the past, SAR80 need not night shoot at all)
Night shoot, fuck up. 3 Magazine given, first mag gone case as I cant shoot in night.
Subsequently, I can shoot but mostly out of target.
Seem like the target is been camuo by the sand color. All look e same, so SHOOT BIRD!
First timer to most of the NSmen. (all complaint non stop)
Suddenly one of the ICT NSman shivering and went blank, sent to hospital.
Khu is a great guy who is ultra old bird in my ICT group. Thanks for all his help getting L torch for us.
Khu started to talk abt the guy fainted given pressured by details and that lead to Tekong story.
More ppl talk about Tekong story.
As now is night time, I will proceed to talk abt it tmr morning.
Everyone did their part by doing area cleaning and board the bus by 2130 to rtn to camp.
Reached camp, bus not allowed to move in, so all of us got down and walk to camp instead. Luckily the guards let us in.
Afterwhich, we sat down and started cleaning the weapon and thanks for the entertainment by the DO. "Turnout" 4 guards standing infront of the gate and shout TURNOUT! And then, on guard position. Once heard the command, they will strike their rifle out and point the front with the byonet.
Literally they all got the boynet or rifle hit the date infront with loud shout from them and the metal gate sound.
Everyone laff non stop and praise the entertainment.
Then, rtn arms and wait for amourery to clear before we can go off.
Reach home abt 1130pm.

Other then range, in army, we sleep anywhere. Its great to be reservists as we do not take the command seriously. We put weapon down and go loo then go sleep. On time on target for smoking break and tea break.

In army uniform, when everyone met each other, smoking is inevitable. Lots of khakis to smoke and therefore, non stop of smoking due to time too relax.

Miss the time but shag. I rem lying down on dirty floor with Ho Soo Kok and listen to the mp3 song:"Right Here Waiting and Fixing A Broken Heart", it kinda make me think of the past and the speaker from his motorola phone make me of the past. Haha a feeling of unexplainable.

Nothing to do? Sleep, Eat, Smoke. Standard procedure afterall.

IPPT failed, RT for sure. Time to train up.

The updates from everyone is great. The reunion is pretty nice. Got to know a guy, Aaron, during range and found out he work in Advertising firm. Nice to meet him.

Im the only 31st batch for this ICT. Dickson had been posted to High Key workload.

Pretty tired for this round ICT. But fun, enjoyment is great!

Shall see them for next year ICT. Hope everyone will turn up without any defer or another date for ICT.

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