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Wednesday, October 25

Money is one of the most important in this region. If you do not have it, you be lying on the street and starve yourself. Had I been so navie enough to say that its not the most imptnt towards my frenz, it wouldnt reflect on me at all.

Some ppl may just mis-use the money when its in your pocket. Gamble, gamble, gamble. This is one of the most greedy act which one's did not see the whole light. Instead of repaying the money you owed, but some will just try their luck by earning more money by using it. But, instead of happiness fall on you, a lighting strike with loud thunder roar on you. Why? You burnt your own finger.

Use it wisely and never try to be so greedy. Its never just abt gamble too. Credit Cards is one thing that can be another huge big dangerous situation. It only help you to pay upfront but yet, you had to pay later a mth later. Its never free for you, pls rem. It merely using the future money of yours. You may not feel the pain when you are signing the receipts given by the cashier, but it occurred when the bills come to your letter box.

So, in this situation, is money still important. Yes and that's true. Without it, you can forget about surviving. We can live as simple as what the rest of the ppl are. Public transport, eat cheap food, spend it wisely etc etc.. save and save and save. In overall, its how our enviroment had brought us to. Temptation, greedy, jealous are one of the most terrifying act when we view it.

Temptation = Hoping to own it even though there's no need for that.
Greedy = Just wanna have more and more stuff that you can own.
Jealous = Copycat as usual. One of the famous situation afterall.

I may be right, or maybe truthfully wrong. Its all about my thinking.

Having wedding banquet, no fear. Can be solved by angpow given by relative.
Bridal studio = instalment payment.

The most stressful will be the pin jing. And ang pow giving out. That's the headache part. These can be solve but the most imptnt is when 2 family come to the same answer. Sure, and go ahead.

Does age differ alot? Career, yes. It is. But, no matter what it is, Singapore... what to do... If we do not suffer now, till when? Years later when you got kids? OMG.

Not to forget the loan of the house. This is one part of the most headache that had to be solve no matter what. Reno loan and furniture. Inevitable stuff you HAD to pay for. Nothing come free in this world. Do not rely much from others too. Think about urself first. Relying too much and getting an negative surprises bring saddness. Depend on yourself and getting positive surprises bring happiness and a shock.

Which one you belong to? Full confident? Or thinking negative first? Bet it depend on the character of anyone of us.

Am I that bad by not popping over? Sometime, the thought of going there make me tired. Weird. Perhaps of the hard day work. How I wish for a bike to transport me over and anywhere. Maybe, I should be nice enuff then been such an idiotic that make everyone feel naegative abt me.

I wish for a better job... better pay.. n everything... planning alot now. Gonna send out resume soon. Im sorry but going off is a must. I do not see another 5 years later over here. Something that I have to achieve of. That's a must for me. Plan more for my future and getting more contract everywhere and anywhere. That's how you survive. Millions times I scolded myself and Im finally wake up.

Another thing will be bike. Payment of cash upfront and instalment. Never forget about petrol, carpark and insurance and also road tax. That's the most irritating part. Not to forget about servicing abt bike. Imptnt. Hope everything goes well for us....

I love my baby girl. We must/have to work hard for better career and that's a must.

Let's work hard.

I love you dearie.

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