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Monday, October 2

I jsut cut it short because Im literally too tired to be ultra long winded. Let me try been singlish for this time roung. Hmm.. perhaps.. abit better LAH!

Anything hor, Saturday I went out with Jackson to get Car Audio stuff at Sim Lim tower. He, by right wanna get the stuff from one of the shop but end up in another which is just beside them only. Guess what. Same model of speaker end up the different of $30 leh! How can like that. Jackson felt been slashed big time and in the end, bought the AMP and Speaker from there lor.

I thought it will be ultra expensive wor. But to my surprise, still quite reasonable though. The lady boss gave us a tube which was from the car battery to the amp. Good choice. Got everything, off we go back home.

Anyway, I gotten more cards now! haha.. Not say loaded. But then at least in future, I got something to swipe for emergency period.

Once I got home, I waited until 6pm for my dad. Then off I go out to meet my gf as we all heading to Changi side for BBQ session with her uni frenz.

By surprise, her frenz hse is quite near to Selarang Camp where my BMT were used to be. But too bad, 6SIR had shifted out. The entire area is nice and quiet but ultra out of way. Only rich ppl can lived there. If you got no car, hong gan liao. Slap yourself lor. Got wave with your hand to get a driver then.

Enjoyable with her uni frenz lah. Knew alot of them and they were quite interesting and funny too. Glad that my dearie finally appeared after so long. But all of them were stunned when the annoucement of she is getting marry! Everyone expression were so shocked. haha.. Not bad. Only one of her frenz is like monotonous. haha.. He re enact 4 time of expression when he heard the news. Stupid man! Haha..

One of the guy is an actor from Mediacorp. Elvin. I wouldnt said much of him but he does look handsome in person and quite tall too. Alot of fans though. I am glad to meet up with him. And also, he Love to eat! All the time I saw him had food on his finger! Alamak. Haha..

Ytd, we supposed to go Bridal Studio for meet up and checkout other stuff. But then hor, because of the delicacy at Paya Lebar, I gave up the meet up. We literally walked ard and bought alot of food home to eat. Glutton!

Yummy and its spicy till my sweat dripping non stop. Haha...

One of my mom's good pal came last night to visit us. Wow.. Her kid GROWN UP so fast! Tall and handsome! Haha... In army wor.. Heard that he going to Ex Wallaby. Haha.. Australia trging. Where else! Been 10 years though. Ok, the sentences from her were.... FAT! Haha.. BUI HO AH! Xin fu, ok!

So fast my sister getting marry this sat. Time flies sia. Never knew it till we looked back. Must fight for the future... dun worry.

Darn, I wrote too much again. What the hell.

Anyway, one of the photographer disaster was, never check your camera setting properly! Why? I shot the photo at 1MP only! WHAT THE!!!

Oh yah. Today my dad going to RC and shoot them because my dad kena 2 parking offences twice in a row for a week! This is due to LACK of parking lot! What the hell! What you expect motorist from? No lot, where to park. Use ur brain leh. Summon summon only~ Shiok huh. SG source out to pte company to collect summon ah. Then their salary, we pay ah. C'mom lor!

Bastard sia... no lot, park elsewhere kena tic. Furthermore, the bike beside my dad's bike never kena. Oly his kena. What is this! Literally find trouble ah! Bastard! Lodge complaint ah! So free to ambush us!

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