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Friday, September 29

Wow... this is something interesting which my coll had sent me.... I strongly you all to watch this. I salute his magic! Haha..

Anyway, ytd I bought around $280 worth of CDs from Gramophone! This is ever the first I actually did that! Do not get my wrong for spending so much! Haha.. It's infact for company usage. Luckily I can use my card to pay for it and picked what I love! Haha.. All claimable! Why not! Haha.. Just got to make sure there's no repeating titles! Bcoz I had to go back and changed it! Sigh.. haha..

I gonna put in my song in various airline which for chill channel! Haha.. So long as there's no rights issue! Thanks to Yukun helped me by getting some songs from Lush995 so that I can have more variety to play on Inflight Entertainment. Also thanks the boss for allowing him to get the material too!

Now awaiting one of the company to nod their head for placing my song in their CD Compliation. Finger cross!


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