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Monday, September 18

Too tired to work... or, rather to say bored. What's new after all these year of routine work. What other achievement can I get now? I forsee nothing much but to move on.

Perhaps its the hint of looking out for other stuff. I shall see how it goes for now. I needed an answer thou.

Thanks to my dearie that kept encouraging me to move on to Photographer and I will promise I will. Music as another expertise which I will never give up. Pray for the luck and all goody will come my way.

Poorie dearie was sick all day and finally she is recovering. I guessed, we had lots of junk food and not enough exercise. Its time to do some to stay fit and healthy. Important.

Planned to get shirt and pant for my sis wedding. Must look smart on that day though. Sometime, Im wondering that can I actually wear a bermuda? It seem like life is full of fake covering. We judge the cover first no matter what.

A girl with and without makeup, who you choose? After putting down the make up, what's next? A nice fitting clothe on human body, and next undress, we are about the same and yet, we can view some disgusting part which we can never know. So, is this covering the hidden of the ugly? No one had the answer. But I can said that, its presenting to be smart to someone whom he/she will feel at ease.

Weird life, don't we think so?

There are alot of qtn on these.

Traditional and Modern
Old ppl always said that it had been passed down since their ancestor time. But, in fact, who had the real answer? Maybe its just a normal day, and suddenly one day it happened just not the way it is and led to some ppl conlusion: this is unauspicious. Thus, it had been passed down centuries by centuries till today. Is this Fact or Non-Fiction?

Youngsters nowsday do not believe much because of education knowledge. But, will some still tend to follow the traditional of Chinese saying? They might said, why and how etc... I bet, most of the ppl cannot answer it. While some ppl tend to be supertitious, others would rather not to follow. Who are the real supertitious nowsday? Everyone does because it varies different group of ppl. Some rather play safe then be sorry.

I do not understand why I wanna make such a comment but, I personally just want to write it down. I myself had no answer for it.

For instance, how does God travel to possess on medium? Does god able to separate it spirit into different part of the world? Some would say, "Its GOD! What u think!"

But, there are hundred or even thousands of medium on this earth. Can the God do it at the same time? Their job to help ppl but can they settle the stuff in hell or heaven? It kinda make me wanna question them but fear of been slapped by them for knowing too much.

Let's talk about another fact of human thinking.

I was in one of the forum. Which I guess that most of the ppl are always that weird.
If someone wanna conduct the course and choose his student and teach them. Or whatever you are, just let them be. Why does we all tend to interfere?

I can understand some ppl like to talk in forum by voicing out. While some are real master, others are either pro or newbie. What make a diff? When you are holding a camera, we are photographer. But output give all the answer.

Whether or not you like it, it doesnt say that you must love it. Thats why theres always typical sentences like:"If you can choose not to like it if you dislike." No one point the gun on the guy asking him to pay. It's their own thinking whether someone wanna pay. If you are a pro and knowledgable, so be it. Shoot more or whatever. Why make such a fuss? What is basic?

I hate to see some ppl forever making such an idiotic sentences which I can't stand it. I know each of everyone strenght but, whats the whole point. You do not like it, so be it. Making comments is fine but in the whole scenario, you can choose not to sign up. I myself just can't stand it looking at such thread.

Human factor consists of Jealous, Envy, Hatred, Love, Ignorant and some other more. Which you belong to? When you are a Pro/Master, you do what you like. When you are a nobody, you are a dickhead. This is the world we are looking at.

While you are alive, your work is somewhere not appreciate. But, it became value when you are gone. This simple, look at the artist and pianist etc... what tells you?

Does one really appreciate the art or rather, some rich just wanna get the piece to showcase. Weird huh. Whats the real answer?

One sentences, This is life, a world hidden with cover.

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