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Monday, September 25

So many ppl were asking me the same qtn when my MSN nick had changed to "Proposal successful!! i have a wife now!". lol.

Anyway, I had decided not to tell anyone about it and going to blog it here. That will do just fine then I kept repeating the same old story non stop. Tiring is the final say.

24th Sept 2005 is the day that my girl, Veron, and me were together. So, this very day make it so special that I wanted to something great! It will be so successful without my great colleague help! Thanks to Mariam! Hee.. She gave me this very idea which I love it alot, beside it is so special that I cannot use any other stuff to replace it!

4 day before the wonderful things to happen, I kept asking around what could be the nice and romantic place to propose to a girl. Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas non stop. From Sentosa beach, to hotel, to car boot to any other weird things! haha.. I appreciate alot. It could be Im so thin skinned that I wun want to make myself so embrass! Haha...

20 Sept '06, I decided to get the wonderful dinner in the sky! Which is Sky Dining! I did not know how it goes till Mariam told me that, the dinner is served in the cabin! I wasnt pretty sure how it goes but this terrific idea rock! haha.. So I quickly fax the stuff to Mount Faber for my reservation. They do not entertain phone call so, you have to fax in to them! hehe.. Luckily my office had one! Great!

It's getting to 6pm by then so I assumed that they will give me a call the day after but, there wasn't any call at all! I began to feel anxious because I do not know whether everything had been confirmed or not! By luck, I was checking my Gmail at that time, I found out that they had actually sent me the email for confirmation! Of course and I did!

Before I go on, the package is like this, there are 2 Sets, A and B costing $88 and $158. I had to take Set B ($158) as Set A ($88) do not include for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and eve of PH. And the day I wanted for fall on Sunday itself and by luck she knocked off at 6pm! Terrific but we had to be there by 6.30pm, because the boarding time is from 6.30pm - 7.30pm. There are a total of 3 course and if you board after 7.30pm, there will be only 2 course. Woo.. hee.

I wanted to ask for wedding package but the cost will be pretty high! From $160-$260. I dropped off the idea since its already so romantic above the ground having the wonderful dinner. Of course, Sandy and Mariam told me to save up and not to spend on that package.

Of course I added in 12 stalks of flower which cost $50 for that. The reason why I ordered from there is because they might do some surprises for me! haha.

I had to force myself not to reveal any of the secret out! Because she is too smart for me and always tend to know what am I up to. She saw my web history having Citigem, awfully chocolate etc etc.. but phew! There's no info of Mt Faber at all! Because I settled everything in office! haha..

The day arrived which is on Sunday, yesterday. From morning, I had to run some errand by sending my father, sis and my bro in law to offer tea to my ancestor and deity. It was alr 2pm when I reached home and I had another booking of car at 4.30pm.

I quickly took a shower and be smart on that day. Things was not so smooth when I head out to Bukit Batok to collect the car. I had booked the wonderful Alfa Romeo on that day and I recalled that it was like on Tuesday I had booked! It was so hot in demand that I better be fast!

I reached the carpark around 4pm by then. When I head up to the carpark, I saw all Toyota cars and there's no sign of Alfa Romeo! I was thinking that maybe the car wasnt here yet. But, something is not right because there shouldnt be any booking in between the 30min interval! I took my handphone out and checked the car plate number and to my god damn hell outta shit surprises, it was SOLUNA! I am like.. WHAT! I booked Alfa and I got SOLUNA?!!!

I am so angry that I called up to NTUC Income Carcoop for complaint! But hell that they do not know what car is at the location! So, there's no way to check that if there's any Alfa Romeo there. I am boiling blood by then and requested to change the booking location from Bukit Batok West to Jln Teck Whye, which there's a car opp my blk but it was Toyota Corolla. But at least, better then Soluna! Argh..

My booking time is 4.30pm -10.30pm and the CSO told me there's booking from 4pm so it mean I cannot get the car from there. I am worried that there's no car for the special day! I remembered renting the car opp Bukit Panjang Plaza, so I quickly asked if there's any there and is the timing allow. Well, luckily I got it and its manual car. So, I quickly took the bus, once again, back to Bukit Panjang.

I quicken my pace to the carpark to get the car and found that there's Toyota Vios and Im thinking shall I get that? Its auto and Im kinda tired too. LOL.. So, I called to changed from Nissan Sunny manual to Toyota Vios auto car. Phew by the time.

Once I got the key from Key Manager, I drove the car back to home and carry the heavy TV and hifi to my sister's new hse. Im extremely tired by then. I smell nice and been very dry at first when I stepped out of house and now I am totally SWEAT! Argh... Since I got the car, I do not mind helping to carry the stuff over to my sister new hse.

After the heavy workout with lots of perspire on my body and forehead, I went back to the car and on the aircon to biggest to cool myself down. I checked my hp and saw the missed call from her but I did not called back at all. LOL

And finally its 5pm and I stepped on the accelerator back Marine Parade to fetch her. 30min of the entire journey. :)

I waited downstair in the car quietly until 5.50pm and sms her:" Once you got down from the stair, turn right and walk ahead to the road and turn left again" I knew she gonna know Im driving but I just keep quiet by not saying much.

Once I saw her, I opened the door from inside and claimed that:"Hey, door opened for you!" But she said, yah yah.. as if.. I saw you crouched down to open. haha...

Luckily for the big workout, I looked so shagged afterall! Because, she asked me where are we heading to and I told her:"HOME". She immediately felt so down and sad. I can sensed abit of powerless fight back speech! hehe I was like.. HAHAHA!!!! Well, in my heart! I gonna pretend more.

She sounded alil unreasonable for me helping so much for my family by travelling here and there non stop. I do not care and gave a stern look and frustrated sound. WOOT!

I was driving straight at ECP as this is the route to home and she can't feel any suspicious! Haha. I am not driving pretty slow at that time but suddenly I began to slow down behind the truck and she asked me why so slow. I do not how to reply and just give a sound of.. hmmmm....

She feared that I gonna be angry, so she kept quiet until when she told me I got out of wrong exit! Which is Telok Blangah! LOL.. I was driving non stop till I stopped at the traffic light and not heading towards HarbourFront. She began to ask me where we going.

Suddenly for a COCK head of me, I smiled and say:"Bring you for a good meal" I should have had said:"WRONG ROUTE!" LOL

But she began to say is it Birthday Party? Alot of ppl there? With her favourite Powerpuff Girls toy? Haha.. I said nope. You gonna find out soon. I drove on until I made a turn to Mt Faber and she was saying:"WOW! So high up ah.. how they all get there?" She tot I bought house there... lol.. dream on.

Finally, after about 8min of driving upward on slope, I reached The Jewel Box. She began to open her eye's damn big. LOL I can feel her anxiety! hehe..

I pulled over infront of Valet Parking as I asked for it. $5 in total. I felt its a good spend because someone parked for me and I feel weird if I were to park somewhere and walk up to the lobby. Stupid. haha.. Yes, stupid remind me of something. I stepped on Brake, changed to P mode and forgotten to pull handbrake. I opened the door and the car ROLLED BACKWARDs! Luckily I didn't hit the taxi behind me. Phew!

I looked so cool and calmed even though for such situation! Anyway, I had to explain clearly to the driver how to operate the car when starting up because we need to activated a device before we can start the car. hehe..

Then, I walked up to the reception and my girl told me she wanna go washroom at that time. The crew member were asking me what I want, and I quickly asked the member where is the washroom? Phew....

I brought my girl to the washroom and I also followed but me to GENT! Haha.. Great view! I can view the scenery while washing my hand! I had no time to take the photo as I rushed out to the counter and told them I had SKY DINING which been reserved under my name. As fast as I hoped, just in time, the machine need to change receipt. Damn... I waited 5min for that. Im not trying to say working too slow but I feared my girl come out from the washroom and head to the reception counter! Haha..

Once they took note of my name and I made the payment, I quicken my pace towards her. Stupid me still putting my card on my wallet and that led her to sense something is not right.

We walked up the staircase and saw Altivo Bar! Woot. Now then I know its there! haha... Anyway we were told to head up and turn right. But I wasnt sure where and I walked up to the counter at Altivo Bar for road direction.

After I had thanked the friendly crew members, I held my ger hand and brought her to the front and finally saw cable car. I wasnt sure what's next and my girl said:"We take cable car huh? To where? Where others?" LOL.

I do not bothered and head up to the guy and showed him my receipt number. I was told to wait nearby so that they can called us to board on. Then, I explained to my girl that this is for her. Haa. She blushed and felt SO HAPPY! hehe.. I was having bad headache and she said let's go since I got headache. Saying its ok to miss, its the thought that count. Im like... no no no.. I paid and this is wonderful so, we MUST NOT MISSED IT!

She then checked my pocket that if there's any Ring. But I said no.. where got! Weird. Im thinking why she didnt check my camera bag. Haha..

A friendly crew member who look young and cute towards me for confirmation. I shown her the receipt, and she asked us what wine would we like to have. Since we taking Salmon, white wine is the best. Anyway, I told her what food we having later on. No beef at all. We also chosen tea for our dessert.

Again, we were told to seat down for our turn. I felt nervous at that time and lucky due to my bad headache, my nervous look wasnt revealed! lol

After 2min, we were told to join the Q. Everything was fast and I felt its pretty nice organise! Hehe.. We waited for 10min in total because there are 3more couple infront of us. Just when its our time, my girl walk towards and board the cable car, and I slow down pace and asked the member where is the flower. She whispered saying, we are preparing..dun worry! I thanked her except for no wink. Haha..

Before we board onto the Cable Car, they had set the table in it alr. The table is actually protable and just nice fitting in the cable car. All they need to do is to push in, thats all. Simple! haha..

Our wonderful Cream of Tomato Soup. Served with Garlic Crostini. This is our first head up to Sentosa. Our second will be served at the same place.

A total of 40min per ride. Due to low light situation, the camera is abit slow and also, I cant handheld much as its shaking a little. I am pretty scared at first but used to it after the 1st round.

My sweety pie is pretty happy! hehe

What a view!!! hehe Hazy also.. :(

Look like BKK to me.. lol.. or HK highway..

Nice? Hehe

Love this pic alot but sad for handshake! Haha

Nice raw Salmon.

Great ambience.. of course, lounge music were played in the cable car so that we wouldnt feel bore!!!

Dun forget to pose!


When the cable car go one round from Mt Faber -> Harbour Front -> Sentosa ->Harbour Front -> Mt Faber, the cable car door will open and the crew member will cleared the plate first, next another crew came and top up ice water and then, both of them served the dinner and place on the table. Got to be real quick, if not we going to have 1 round without food! haha.. But impressed by their efficient!

This is our main course! Pan-fried fillet of Salmon with Honey Miso! Yummy! Of course! WHITE WINE!

Fantasic dinner!

You wan some??

My girl is really enjoying!!!


Cheers, my dear.


Of course, after the second course which is our 2nd round in the sky, we reaching back to Mt Faber for our dessert! YUMMY!

I wanna thanks the crew member for clearing the plates, serving the food, topping up our drinks! Thanks!

After receiving the dessert, Im thinking whats next as the door isn't close yet! Suddenly the cute crew member came towards my girl and said:"This is for you!" My girl asked is it from them? I didn't know what she was saying and I said from me!! Hehe..

The crew closed the door for us and my dearie thanks me for so many times and surprises! Next time, I quickly take out the ring out from the box which is In the camera bag! I gave her:"Will You Marry Me?" Hehe She blushed and said why I never kneel?

I joke and said, its ok la.. But anyway, cablecar too cramped! Haha.. She accepted it and giggle all the way!!

She is smiling all the way with her flowers, ring and brownies! haha

I love the brownies alot! Not so sweet and taste damn nice!!!

She thanked me for so many surprises! Hehe.. I said that I had fulfil her wish for officially propose and giving her flower for the very first time!

All I can said, thanks the ppl from SKY DINING! You all defintely made my day!

Finally a couple shoot in the cable car! Hahaha...

Thanks for one of the member who helped to clear the stuff. Another guy who cleared and top up my drink wasnt there and another cute girl was busying clearing the tables. Too bad, if not I would love to take a pic with her. Thanks to them!

Last but not least,

Our Couple Photo at Mt Faber.

Thats the story of my proposal. Its the thought that count. Hehe... Love the atmosphere, ambience and food. Terrific!

This is our first time been so romantic and she kept saying nonstop thanks to me. Hehe.. Because Im the only person who treated her so nice, sweet and been so lovingly.

Also, luckily my girl was tired on that day and never realised Im up to something! haha

Im glad too! To have such a great and wonderful, cutesy wife now! haha..

Infact, the day before, while walking at PS, there's Bridal roadshow and we were been stopped by a guy whom we actually saw him the THIRD TIME this year!!! Fated! Haha.. We sat down and talked for sometime and finally get the package at $2888 from Bridal de Couture.

I hope everything will be smooth and great. Tentatively, one more agreement to be done, and we can book the resturant on 31st May 2007 as it is not taken up yet!!! PRAY HARD. Must win lottery to get more money for our wedding! hehe..

Thanks to those who helped me for ideas! Appreciated and thanks!!!

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