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Saturday, September 9

Quite tired after yesterday night Chalet at ECP with my gf's coll. I didnt sleep much even though I was on bed in chalet. In fact, its the first time Im slept for my entire chalet trip over all these year.

I do not tend to sleep because I wanna play game but the click was kinda wrong because mostly are much older ppl and also, they had a hard week as there's music examination. Cheers ppl.

I love the BBQ session overall, but even though there's no game, Im glad I quite enjoyed due to there's BBQ compared to the previous I went before. Retarded.

It seem like I had not exercise for a long time! Im feeling so weak after cycling from the Chalet to Bedok Jetty and back! OMG! Tiring and aching is what I had now! LOL.... Look like, its time to keep fit once again!

The food is nice but too bad there's no chicken chop! LOL... Only Lamb chop because there's muslim ard. Come to think, why no chicken chop? Anyway, Im kinda allergic to lamb as I will feel sick the next day after consuming it.

But, the buffalo chicken wing are incredible! Marvellous! Love it alot.

There's the thing going on for chalet and nothing much. I woke up at 4am after slept for 2 hr only just to catch up the sunrise but ... haiz... cloudy and hazy... no much good photos afterall. Its really tiring walking from Chalet to Marine Cove for 3 time... shag. haha...

After that, everyone of us went home by cab. Too tired until we decided to reach home faster to have more rest!

Before the Chalet session on Friday, I with my gf family sent her brother to Pulau Tekong on Thursday. Everything is quite smooth though. I booked the car for 10hrs and I had only 80km only! Incredible, huh! haha.. I just need to pay the hourly usage then the extra mileage I exceeded.

We had lunch at Xin Wang at Kovan with her 2 brothers and her mom which she joined us shortly. After which, I drove them to Pasir Ris to take the MINDEF chartered bus service which is meant to fetch everyone from Pasir Ris interchange to MINDEF Ferry Terminal. Due to there's shortage of carpark and it might cause collison, the MINDEF from Tekong decided not to let the parent park the car over there but at WhiteSands.

Even when they book out and in, all recruits had to take the feeder bus.

Upon parking the car which I had searched for empty lot for over 10min, we head to the feeder bus and had it transferred us to Ferry Point.

Everyone of us followed him in until we were separated at Tekong as the enlistees had to collect their stuff and the rest of us to view the bunk, auditorium, canteen etc... This is to let the parent know and how welfare the soldiers are now.. there's need not to worry about. Because of these, showing of bunk to parent, the Tekong Commandant decided not to have parent visiting day but to allow recruits to go home. This is because of the long journey from home to ferry point and take the ferry there just to see their close one for 1hr only.

To let things to be flexible, this is why recruits are allow to go home on 2nd week. How nice... I do not even have such a luxury life!

We head to canteen to have further more. Its about 3hr by then. The paper mentioned that it will take up 4hrs to finish everything.

After a long wait, we head to the bigger auditorium where we saw all the recruits were sitting down quietly, sit up straight and have your fist clench.

There's show and talk from the CO. Q & A were done too.

The final will be Oath Ceremony. Upon hearing that, it remind me of the army time when I was first enlisted to 6SIR, Selarang Camp during 1999. I belong to Charlie Company, Section 1 and there's the 9th mono intake. Mono intake are so called the lower educated to be direct enlisted to the unit. But, I was been transferred out after BMT. I missed those time alot alot.

The CO mentioned one thing which is very true. Having listened to the same old Oath, there's a special feeling shown and I believe so. I almost had my tears roll down my cheek but I endured. The impact is very strong and I miss those buddy.

Waking up in the morning, area cleaning, physical training... etc etc... this is life... I missed... really.

After the Oath ceremony, recruits were asked to move out first, then followed by the parent. When we exit from the auditorium, we saw all recruits were standing along the wall so as to let the family members to find where they were. It seem like they were immoblised! haha... When we saw my dear's brother, he moved along with us. So funny.

We had dinner with him before we take our leave. This is to let the family have a taste of army food and all are very nutrients. :)

Thats where his life goes on as a real man. What a sweet nice process for the Tekong. I didnt know how it was until that day. My darn frenz still got the cheek to say I didnt know???

I'm from Mono Intake and thus, different after all. I remembered I reached there, I was asked to sit infront. Then talk cock session by CO and then Oath Ceremony. After which, all families member have to take their leave. But its different from Tekong. Hee. Different era.

I still can rem every single details during my ns life. Tiring, sian, shit is what we had during unit life, but I still rem alot during BMT because that's where I find it very memorable for my entire life. I miss those buddies.

I wanna do a sketch of how everything look like.. haha.. I cannot stop remembering the Sgt say, "HIT IT" and everyone was mumbling each other what? And in the end, push up. Haha.. that's 1 hr after families had left. haha...

Everyone life in army is different. I still rem I slept on top of the bed where is it double deck. But great was, I can put my radio and spect on top of the cupboard and below me, is my buddy.

My buddy who slept below is one of the cosy area I ever felt. Because, beside both side of the bed, there's cupboard quite close to the bed. And that make it more cosy as no much light was shone in... Every night we move up and down from the bed and massage each other with Counter pain. hehe..I bet my gf bro is using soo... its bedtime for him. lol.

Those were the life. I will then talk more abt my army life... and of course, I took a few of photos ytd and will be shared when Im free to upload. As for now, eye is closing any sec from now. haha..

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