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Wednesday, September 27

Oh gosh.. everyone is complaining my super long blog.. thats bad bad bad... haha.. so, what/how can I write my blog? In proper manner or Improper??? Improvement of english or with the ultimate Singlish session with broken England?

Who cares? You want to know the story, you read, if not, go and sleep! Haha.. Anyway, I just wanna remember this special day thus, lots of wording! haha...

Seem like I am very tired now because of the running of errands that make me quite bad tempered. Even my dearie had hard time to hoax me. Gosh.. sounded that Im a girl. LOL.. :p

Who dont like to be sayang? Tell me! Haha...

Got a flickr paid account! I can have a massive uploading of photos non stop... but max 2gb per mth! How on the earth can I have 2gb of photos??

Anyway, I have unlimited storage and photos set. GREAT! I love flickr! I had linked up with multiply too.. much easier then the past...

Had overspent this mth... must control hard!!! Not to forget the makan too... diet diet diet!!! Going back ICT soon!!!

There are few things I have to settle. Dental/ Medical Checkup! Why? Coy paid for it. WHY NOT! hahaha Oh.. clothing for my sister wedding.. important.. must be handsome..

Finally got my S3Pro back! Love it and the back dot is gone!!! WONDERFUL! Worth to spend my $89! hehe.. Heartache thou... Hoping there's some job coming in... I needed more money!!! SOB!!!!

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