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Monday, September 4

Normal weekend had passed even with COMEX at EXPO. I was there for 2 days shopping ard, because the first time round was merely walking around with Keith in search for his computer. But, I had to leave early to my gf house to attend something else.

Anyway, that morning is literally a good day for me. For the 2nd attempt for my assessment, I finally passed! I had 18 Demerit Points which is nothing to happy about because if I got 19 points, I had to come back again.

I saw one of the girl who also took Stage 3 with me, happened to be the one I met before at Stage 2. This is so coincidence that we met at that Saturday. During the conversation, I was told that it's her 4th attempt! This add me more stress now. haha..

But, I was lucky that I managed to pass everything with the poor result but who cares! Poor her had to tried for her 5th time. Even though she may pass this assessment, she might not be able to pass during the TP date because she is unable to push the bike up. I wish her all the best.

At the same time, I wanted to book for my TP day and saw that it was 10/10! I was so happy and wanted to book it straightaway while at home. Something drew me back... it wasn't so simple; hence I check with my schedule and ... oh dear... it's within my ICT period.. so... I guess I had to wait for the 17th of Oct if any possible. :)

I bought the PowerColor XT1600Pro for $246 at Comex yesterday. I felt that I should be able to find the graphic card since I can't find anywhere the day before. I was about to give up and head off when I saw Ban Leong Booth. I walked in and look around and suddenly I saw the Graphic Card were there!!! Haha.. With alittle of conversation with the guy, I bought it without much hesitation... only the mb which I am worry about. 256mb or 512mb? haha.. Anyway, I am glad!

This is the one I got.. yummy...

I saw ViewSonic 2025 model... incredible great! I saw the film they were showing and I am totally impress with the color and image. Its selling at $539 only and $100 cash back. :( I felt alittle regret after I went off. $100 cheaper... imagine Im going back to SLS and look for the LCD??? I can't imagine the price.. it will still be $639 then. If there's any installment, I would not ever think too long.

I was comparing of LG and Viewsonic and in the end, Viewsonic booth sale ppl is much nicer then LG booth. Give me a break when I asked you about the contrast ratio. I do not need to know all going high contrast! All I care is why! You freaking can't even answer my simple qtn, why the hell you are doing there?! I am totally disappointed with such a low shit standard that LG had employed.

Why 2000:1 contrast ratio whereas the others only 500:1? Ans: it high constrast ratio... in future all will be high contrast..

Knn.. dunno, dun act know.

What I got is koz they using top panel and some other stuff. Shoot me with more technical terms until I can't speak up then! What the... haiz... this is so sad..

Viewsonic guy can compare it.. LG is too exaggerated in their contrast and they had no award winning at all, whereas Viewsonic had! Ok, that's although a sale talk but this guy can talk and explain nicely to me with good attitude. I do not mind those sale talk, big talk etc... at least this particular guy talk to me then the LG sale person kept talking to another coll. HELLO, PRICK! I AM YOUR CUSTOMER! Damn you prick.

I never bought the Viewsonic thou... now... regret. haha... wide screen... 20"... woo.. I'm itch.

Well, beside that, just now while having a company lunch at Riverside Indonesia Resturant, I was eating stingray halfway and Alex told us that crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin, was killed by that. I was like... huh! Serious... Thats sad as this guy is a legend for the wildlife documentary.

Read here about the news

Sigh.. a man who did alot for Australia wildlife and yet in the end, been killed by the wildlife in the sea while doing a documentary underwater.

My condolence to his family. A man to remember and respect. Steve Irwin Bio

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