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Monday, September 11

It's not getting any better even after my 10hr of sleep. It's a killer to stay up the whole night while at chalet. Even when Im home after the chalet, I didnt actually sleep long thou. Instead, I got up and play my Cossacks II computer game. Marvellous game.

It was such an addiction till I played for 2 whole day! Hehe. But with such a disappointment of getting some error message non stop, I had to stop it! Darn. I kept getting "Too Much Handle". I can't understand what is that and thinking that it might be the cause of low memory. Hence, I went out to SLS to get 2 more 512mb Ram for my computer. Of course, I met my dearie over there so, I can might as well get the ram!

I spent the total of $176 for 2 Ram. Yummy.

There's abit of difference having 2gb of ram in my system and yet, I didnt know whether if there's a conflict with my MB and graphic card. Heck care mode for now.

After the SLS, I went to Chinatown to get red bean paste by bike. I was trying to cut to the very front and I realised that I am in the wrong lane. Well, I do not belong to such a bastard rider that I anyhow cut lane. I followed the traffic rules closely and I enter the world of Little India.

I just realised that Deepavali is around the corner and all the preparation are up for the decoration. Thousands of Indian were working along the street, road etc...

As I passed by some of the small street, it were flooded by all the indians! You wouldn't believe your eyes afterall. It's even much crowded then Chinatown during Chinese New Year! Oh mine!

In fact, it make me feel like I am in Hongkong as the busy street seem to be like one but, not the ppl. I am not criticising abt the ppl, but the flocks of ppl. haha.

Horns were heard everywhere as to warn them not to walk on the lane as it will obstruct the traffic. We have to be much careful while riding and drivng because of these ppl do not seem to understand the traffic at all. Or rather, there were really TOO much ppl ard. It do seem like there's no room to walk on the pavement after all.

As I entered Rowell side, there's even more ppl in there! But, they were mostly on the pavement walking and only a few walking on the road as if they own it. lol. In fact, this is the first time I ever saw into the small lane where there were ppl seating down watching tv together. I can say, its entire lane were filled with ppl. To my surprise huh! If I hadn't rode the wrong direction, I wouldnt see such a situation!

Human errors are bound to have. It depend on how we want to see things. Having step into wrong direction doesnt mean it's a goner. But we have to see things differently. Take it as an oppournity to look around where we didn't see it before in our everyday life. We will tend to smile and keep this in mind for quite sometime.

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