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Tuesday, September 12

I going to write a short blog for now because my mind can't think. Im really tired. I aint sure why I am like this but a word "Tired"

Marriage is not about just buying flat and hosting dinner but to include cost like photographing and clothing. There are alot of hidden cost which we may not see, but after some calculation, the hidden cost decided to come up to ur face. You be stunned.

Im wondering how some ppl can go on marriage without any worries. Are they just rich or really too financial stable? Helps? I decided not to think so much but to do whatever I can. Much of worries doesn't help at all. It only give more stress.

Ytd, I played the game whole night because of some stupid reason. I thought my modem is down. But hell it isn't. I had internet connection problem and also my MSN is literally down.

After when I can login, I went on to web msn and ask ppl ard. To my surprise, it wasn't just me alone having such problem. I finally can wipe off my cold sweat. but, nevertheless, I did played my game with smile on my face.
Kinda regret not doing music.

Anyway, DI.FM crew finally contacted me in regard of submitting my song to them. Hell yeah I was wondering what took them so long to reply and in his email saying that his poor computer crashed! Poor fellow! That's everyone nightmare.

Do remember to backup ur stuff and make sure you defrag, scan your stuff regularly. That's very important, unless you wanna spend more money.

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