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Thursday, September 14

Another nice design done up by local fellow. Quite like the web design alot. Talented. Im very impressed.

And also, I had watched Singapore Dreaming with my girl at Plaza Singapura. Nice touching show which really tell everyone about Singaporean life.

You should catch it if you had not. Love the story line... and also, tell us to face reality and not to day dream too much. If you do not have such a big head, don't carry a big hat around. Do what you can. Be more thrifty even when you are rich and do more good deeds like helping ppl.

I can't imagine if I had $300,000. I think I must go for some TOTO even though I dun really buy it. A matter of luck thou. At least, I can do my wedding, hse and car. hee. Everyone get a share... round the world trip. hee...

Now, Im thinking of my photographing career as part time. I can never get one if I never start any. Luck is the word.

Like yesterday, I spent quite alot again. First thing in the morning, I send my Fujifilm camera to Fujifilm service centre at Paya Lebar. The total cost will be $89! Just a sickening cleaning of CCD because of one irritating dot! Argh! And also, beside cleaning, I had asked for general servicing and checking. Hope they can change anything if something is not right. Esp for my firewire port which sometime give me prob. So, by spending this huge exp money, I better make sure everything is done up. Got to wait for call because it will take up 10 days for that. There will be a $8 delievery charge which I can opt out for, but the girl didnt say much as she told me to come back to collect after it is done. Save that $8. At least I can rectify any problem if there's any to the CSO upon checking.

Next, after meeting up my dear at her hse, we went for lunch and head up to pay up my Income Carcoop bill. Money flew again. Sigh. During waiting time, someone came up to me and gave me the Sudoku game as to past the time. So easy.

After that, the guy will sell the small booklet to me which I opt out for. After a thought, it is good as it cost only $4! hee.. A total of 128 quiz. hehe... Not bad though. Idea. But sadly to say, I didn't buy.

After which, we went to pray at Sin Ming rd before heading to HDB hub to view flat. To our disappointment, we can only look out for resale flat as there's no WIS at all. Kinda sad. What to do.

I been ignorant and kept pressing non stop and never knew its Q number! Shuck... luckily only 2 ticket.. I fleed after doing some michievous stunt. haha.

Well, since there's no much of looking, we went back to Bukit Panjang Plaza and at the same time looking for spectacle. I got one cool spect which cost $280 but after my gf strongly cutting the cost, I got it at the price of $265. Well, I guess the girl commission is kinda low then. LOL. The place is spectacle hut and I do like the service of their. Thank girls for making me feel so comfortable.

I was looking at oakley spect and find it too costly and not practical. Because the main part that hold on to you will be at your side where your sideburn is. Before I had purchased my spect at Spectacle hut, I went ard and look... One of the shop had alot of oakley but after seeing the cost... erm.. lol... i give up.

Then the guy show me one of the spect which resemble the spect that the girls at Spectacle Hut shown me. The only difference will be one is Japan made and another will be Tag Heuer. $280 versus $600 including len. In fact, the guy wanted to sell the Tag Heuer to me, do not mind giving me the len for free! Even I can spend it as for instalment, I decided to go for the $280 spect. Look, design is the same. Except for the brand. And also, the best part of the spect is, the holding part is rubber and you can turn alot but not to the extend of 360 degree.

For such spect, the best part is you need not to fear for the side which hold the spect to be out of shape because even when I wore the helmet, it will not turn out of shape since it is rubber! Compare to the normal spect, it is metal part and there will be force to sqeeze in and make the len either crack or even turn out of shape. Which is one of the common hatred thing for ppl who wear frameless.

I chosen brown for my spect and everyone say it look cool! I believe so. I want to look friendly though. lol. At least for a person like me sweat alot will not make the spect corrode. Love such spect and beside that, having bought it from Spect Hut, the len had 1 yr warranty. Somemore its an expensive lens. hehe...

It look something like this:

This is the one I tried from Tag Heuer but I got the similiar like this which cost alot cheaper. Great spect for ppl who sweat alot and wearing helmet. hehe

Waiting for 2 item in 10 days. hehe Anticipating now.

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