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Thursday, August 3

Wow! What a great trip from Hong Kong and I almost do not feel like coming back here! The reason is simple! Shopping is great, food is great, everywhere is cheap and not to forget Freedom! I can't believe myself buying alot of things from there!

Before I continue, I would like to thank Nicolas for the warmth greeting! Haha.. We met up at Causeway Bay, went to some expensive area which I felt that I DO NOT have enough money to buy. And also, thanks for the treat! I had not treat you anything but, please let me know what you need and I will be gladly to help! I'm sorry for been lost in space because of nowhere to go. We didn't went to Lamma Island for seafood due to my gf was allergic to it. Beside there, we really had no idea where to go so we end up shop alone there and Nicolas went off himself to walk around.

For those who is reading my blog and knew who is Nicolas now, I can firmly telling you there he is really fine! I can gurantee that he changed! He seem more relax, worry free and often see him smile! Haha Compared to the past, he is damn serious and lack of smile! Even smile was on his face, it is not as cheerful as in the past! He love there! And I am very happy for him! Nicolas, cheers! Thanks for everything and keep yourself been happy always!

Sadly to say that we didn't took any photos together! Everything is too rush and he really behave like Hong Konger! You know why? The way he walk, IS TOO FAST FOR US TO CATCH UP and all Hong Kongers like to walk fast! As he said, if you are not fast, someone will overtake you in certain of everything! This give me an advice too!

For a certain reason, I would thumb up for Hong Kong construction! They are messy in a way unlike Singapore buildings are pretty in order. But yet, in Hong Kong, they can just build everywhere they like! Even on the hills, beside the hills etc etc... this really opened up my eyes! Apart from that, their building are pretty HIGH! Reaching approximately 80 storeys according to Nicolas! OMG! This is so GOD DAMN freako and WOAH!

The first day landed in Hong Kong, its raining and kinda cold though but, I love it! We bought the Lao Por Bin from the guide which is from Yuen Long which is about 50HKD. Quite nice as I eaten yesterday.

Our hotel is Mayfair Garden Hotel located at Nan Jing Street, Jordan, Kowloon. Its kinda inside and seem quite quiet at night and literally unlike the rest of the nice hotel which have a big lobby. The lobby is on 2nd floor which the reception is located so, just imagine that we had to carry all the way up to 2nd floor by staircase! Haha...

As for the room, it wasn't that big! Just imagine your bedroom now. Its about the size of that! By seating on the edge of the bed, I can literally place my arm on the table! And the tv was just right infront of me! I guess, by opening you arms wide apart you can see how small the room it is! The loo was pretty near to the bed too. But, hotel room is meant to rest so, by having such a huge comfortable room and paying so much, we are just staying for 3 Nights! Hehe.. And infact it is rather cosy and the nearest MTR is Jordan which is about 5min walk! I can't imagine if I were to stay at Kimberly Hotel which is far from MTR!

We rush out soon after we settle our stuff! But its still raining by then and we manage to get to the Peak by ourselve! Its exciting to explore on your own! Hong Kong Island is like Shenton Way. I can't rem the MTR station we got off which is very near to the peak. We dashed under the rain with our small umbrella and finally reached the bridge which led us up to the hill. I can clear see that these building are built on it and the wonderful bridge literally led us ANYWHERE! Great! but sadly to say that even there's shelter on top of us, we still got drenched as the rain was pouring down by the side. As such, our bottom part is kinda wet! Haha...

The Peak is damn nice at night. The tram is literally 45degree going upwards which I cant really express my wording on it but you really HAVE to experience on ur own! The moment the tram was on 45degree, everyone was woahing all the way up! LOL...

The wax museum was great as we went in to view it! Hehe... And the wonderful scenery was far too nice! Sadly to say that I didnt bring my S3 Pro because of the rain. But only my Sis PnS cam do the job. Well... Not as fantastic. Even I have my S3, I didnt have my tripod with me and the best view will be from the top but its under reno at that time! hehe... I love the wind tho.

On the 2nd Day, we woke up rather early to catch the bus ride at Tung Chung to reach the Big Buddha. It took about an hr to reach the destination and the road was not as smooth thou. Up and down, lots of turning point etc etc.. its quite tiring to reach there but well, we did managed to sleep while in the bus.

Its morning when we reached the Big Buddha and the overall scenery was terrific! I had a great time shooting ard with my ger and once Im at the top, the Buddha look so majestic! Well, our hair went very messy due to the strong wind and its cold too! Love the feeling too!

In order to get there, we had to pay for entrance tickets which include our vegeterian meal. The meal is great too!

After the buying of crystal, praying and meal, we head off to Mui Wo Ferry to take the ferry back to Hong Kong island to meet Nicolas. I was snapping of the Big Buddha and realised that my S3Pro cover went disappeared! It seem like the Big Buddha telling me that I had lost my stuff! I went to alot of places to search for it and end up it is in the resturant where we had our vegeterian food.

I can tell you that the toilet there is like in jail! You can see it when you watch Hong Kong Jail Movie. Its half door covered! And also, SMELLY! Yucks!

The ferry took about an hr to reach our destination in Hong Kong. Sleepy head of us fallen asleep and of course we felt fresh when we woke up! Nice!

We took the MTR to Causeway Bay which is the nearest to the ferry. One of the building, IFC, was so crowded and as if its like Luck Plaza. Lots of Filipino were there if Im not wrong though.

Luckily we reached in time to meet up with Nicolas and he showed us ard! Thanks dude. Causeway is a great place like Jap! I love the atmosphere and I am total amazed by everything there. Even though there are alot of ppl there, but I felt that its so much safe thou.

There were shops above shops which is I personally felt that its so unique. To Hong Kongers, they may felt its normal but to me, nice and great!

We had meals at Cha Chang Ting and some dessert which Nicolas treated. Thanks again.

After we went to shop alone, we found CDs for Keith and end up bought all the stuff for my Sis and my coll. Incredible tho. The stuff were pretty heavy with my heavy camera on my back.

We went on to shop for more stuff and found that there are clothes that Singapore do not even have it. So, I bought socks and clothes from Giordano! Everyone said it's nice! hehe...

We went to Ave of Stars after Causeway Bay for the laser light show. Pretty, not much of so FANTASTIC. I remembered on the first day while going back to MTR, I film down the China Of Bank building lighting show which is literally infront of me! Hehe.. I had great time filming it, snapping it too!

I just felt that its so nice at Hong Kong! The passage way and MTR route seem to be flashing in my mind as if I am here before. Deja Vu!

We on to Disneyland on 3rd day and had alot of fun. I can't imagine the horrible China ppl cutting Q, rushing for the ride when the gate was opened? What's wrong? Some ppl chasing you?? Oh my.... But infact, the entire waiting time took about 1hr plus! I took the dumbo ride, cup ride, horse ride and 3 shows! The only show that impressed me alot was The Lion King show which the actors were singing and dancing together. And next will be, the Mickey Mouse Magic Show. Its a 3D effect movie which we had to wear the optical glasses and by visually, everything seem to be upfront! And with lots of movement from the character like running, dropping etc... there's an effect from the wind which made everyone felt so reality! I remembered everyone raised their hand to catch Donald Duck! haha... And also, when the brooms was splashing with water on the show, there's really water splash on us! Its not heavy but a gentle one. Also, the food smell was great!

Overall at Disney was great and we bought lots of food too! We even exchanged for free gifts too!

The only ride impressed me was the rollercoaster in the dark! Hell that was fun and we were seating at the front row! My girl and a girl behind her were screaming non stop and the guy behind me and I were WOOing non stop! The sudden left right and shooting down and up were terrific!!!! I can't express even more but to say, HELL ITS FUN! For those adventurous, you Defintely love it! Sad to say my girl had motion sickness. Oops...

We missed the Fireworks and head off to shop for more at Tsim Sha Shui/ Mongkok of Fa Yuen Street, Sport Street and Ladies Street. I bought a total of 5 clothes there! Berm from Esprit which is on great sale. THese are under great sale and out of fashion alr whereas Singapore just bring in these items. Can't imagine HK trend was so fast!

On the last day, we went for wonderful Dim Sum session. Of course, I had to observe how ppl washed their utensils and eat. Hehe.. We had too many food but luckily we managed to finish it before we head down to Wong Tai Sin to pray.

We again shop for more, got my Teva sandal and Timberland shoe from there. I can't rem is there such design over in Singapore or not, but even there's any, it will be damn exp. With the spare cash, we went to buy a big Poob Bear bag which look like the usual ppl took the red,white,blue type of bag! Hehe...

Also, I bought my Levi jean which is not launch in Singapore yet! It's new arrival in HK! How wonderful.

We had lots of great food from there with the delicious curry fishball, mango pudding, egg custer. haha.. nice man!

I kinda like the night time of Fa Yuen street as its closed for shopping, even better then Thailand tho.

I love there and fantastic. From morning till night time, we shop non stop. By the time we were in hotel, we were aching all over. And thanks to my nicest dearie who is so tired and still massage my aching back due to the long period of carrying my S3! OMFG!

I love the Char Siew with Roasted Duck meat! The photo seem like what you saw on Shi Shen. Drooling! Chewy and splendid!

I had managed to bought everything I want especially my Cartoon Character, GOOFY! hehe.. I dun deny it. I even waited for 20min just to take a photo with him!

I had 5 clothes, 1 Levi Jean, 1 Esprit Berm, 1 Teva Sandal, 3 Socks, 1 Timberland shoe. These are what I accomplished.

My dear did not bought much as she going smaller everytime and she dun wan to spend money on it and later realise she cant wear it anymore. But she too had some nice clothing from Ladies St and Esprit too! Oh yah, she had a nice shoe too. She was worried that it doesnt suit but to me, HEY! NICE! Maybe she never wear such slipper before so under my highly recommendation, she bought it. Hehe.. Come Hong Kong, its a must to BUY and EAT!

We had such wonderful moment together and exploring of places by ourselves. We didnt really took MTR back to Jordan but to walk. No doubt its a long walk but we discovered alot of great places and its rather interesting.

We even had Macdonald at the Peak and got discount coupon to get our hand wax done! hehe.. We had our keychain done up with Jacky Chan's photo too!

My impression of Hong Kong is beautiful and freedom. I felt I had been there once before so I do not feel that Im in Hong Kong until I returned to Singapore. Boring man...

I even saw Ibanez RG450BK electric Guitar there! Oh mine... 700HKD is about SGD140! SIgh..

Due to we had 6 bags in total, I dropped off the idea of buying there. I might need a HardCase instead! LOL....

We had last min shopping before returning to hotel and waited for ahout2 hr before the travel agency bus arrive to fetch us to airport and back to Singapore.

I'll be back in Hong Kong soon. I can't remembered what to share with everyone as this is rather a long long story. hahaha..

While onboard of plane, I love the Cathay Pacific audio channal, DanceScape. House, Breaks and Drum & Bass. I love it.. Im wondering why isnt there any dance music on Dragonair Channel which I really hope to do it for them! Then, I can get to interview all the DJs/ Producers! Im really hoping for that! Sigh... Pray hard..

My body is here in Singapore but yet, mindset is in Hong Kong. hehehe...

I be uploading my photos soon after I touched up it. Give me sometime. I be sharing real real soon.

It's been along time since ever I went overseas and the entire feeling is great. Now, is Taipei to accomplish my dearie dream. And of cos, Thailand will be the first with family :)

Thank to my dear who make my day happy over in HK! We had so much fun together. hehe..

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