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Tuesday, August 29

Wonderful Performancing!

Wow! This is incredible! Eventually Im using FireFox to do my blogging now! This is so sweet! Thanks Darrel for the link to let me install it.

For Performancing Installation. After you had done up with the incredible installation, restart it.

Look under the FireFox taskbar which you be able to see a notepad with a pencil. Double click it and it will launch the the Performancing table for you!  The whole thing will look like it is been cut into half of top and bottom. You can easily copy paste the link from the top a on Performancing notepad. It's more easier for ppl who is using more then 1 browser and would like to link up the photos and url.

By looking at the top of the browser, its much easier too! Hmm.. incredible for Firefox.

The only unhappy of me will be FireFox seem to jumble up my entire blog look. This is real strange as I had no idea how to save that. IE still look perfect to me. Darrel also mentioned to me that flickr allow me to do blogging too which I had not really find out from there yet, and he said he is unable to upload more the one photos at one shot. Let's see what flickr can do.

And also, Performancing doesn't allow me to upload any of the photos from my PC to the net. But, Blogger allows me to do so. The only sad thing was that it does not success for all upload. I end up with no link at all even though I really upload it but it works once in a blue moon. Having more then 1 photo is killer to me too because it will appear absolutely NOTHING at all!

Good luck my Dearie brother because he is enlisting next Thursday. Funny was, we were discussing about his enlistment today! Hee. Been a man now.. take care. Well, we also bought alot of stuff for him too which he is able to use it during his PTP/ BMT phase. I was told that he can't do 6 pull up, I would rather say, dun waste time. Just go in and enjoy the PTP phase. Train up for the better during BMT phase which you find it more easy! LOL. I be sending him to camp next week.

Thanks darling for the wondering dinner, spaghetti with chicken meat and bocorolli (aint sure is this the correct spelling or not).

powered by performancing firefox

powered by performancing firefox

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