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Tuesday, August 22

There are difficulties when we walk on as our life goes. Numerous of unknown encounter we have to face but yet is there a solution for all?

We face depression at times no matter what and anywhere.

Stay calm and keep cool. We must not let depression fall on us. We should overcome such depression and stress. Its how we look in life.

Optimistic or pessimistic? Its up to individual how we look at it. There are no answer due to any circumstances. Its a mystery afterall.

Trouble is what we had to face but we must come to a solution to solve. By running away doesn't solve anything. Hate or love? How we should see?

Clear minded, stay calm, be focus and do what we think is right. We must not let surrounding take over the situation. When the bond is strong enough, nothing can break it as its been protected by the natural power.

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