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Saturday, August 12


I totally dead beat now! Having woke up in the morning and rush down to BBDC for my 1st Class 2 lesson. There are things that changed like, we must wear long sleeve while on training and also E Brake course consist of water too. Hell I think its important for any situation.

Im totally soaked when I took my jacket off! I am so hot and literally can't stand the heat at all! Gosh.

Not to forget the great instructor there which happen is one of my army mate. haha. He is in charge of the first lesson for Class 2/2A. There a total of 6ppl and 2 ppl went for Class 2 lesson. lol. Another guy is 24 yr old and he is quite thin too and had the fear of picking up the heavy Class 2 bike during lesson. End up, both of us passed the lesson and of course, same goes to the others.

Having said about that, I found one of the guy taking the Class 2A is kinda impatient in all aspect. For instance, he like to over take cars although he put on signal light etc etc. But his behaviour seem quite impatient when I was observing. I was behind one car at that time and find that I wanted to overtake the car and put on my signal light and turn to the right lane. Just then, I already saw the guy behind me was signalling already, but instead of slowing down, he just full throttle it and literally dashed beside me out of sudden. OMG. But I did told him that he shouldnt do that and luckily this is circuit and no instructor saw the incident.

I damn hate such kind of ppl. Bike is still forgiveable but never a car. I rem I was sending my gf home from Marine Parade and along the Still Road headin to Bedok, one of the god damn MOFO Hyundai Verna which is in Maroon color, SFY 2613Y, literally just squeeze me by the left! And, I am in the correct lane and wanted to make sure I am in the middle of the lane and the god damn MOFO just drove and heck care! WTF!

These ppl deserve to have their car knocked! How can you squeeze with a bike on the road and especially in the same lane? Are you fucking blind or whatever shit?

Upon heading to Marine Parade, one of the Nissan Cefiro which is in gold color, put his signal to the left and wanted to come out from the Q as that lane is for right turning. I was in the lane riding slowly, and that god damn car wanna cut it in! Lucky that the car turn back fast as I horn all the way to warn the driver.

I can't understand why this driver cant estimate properly afterall? Damn it.

Enough saying of some worse drivers in singapore.

Now I doing my PS of photos and just registered myself at PhotoBucket and I be putting all my photo trips there. Oh man, there's something more interesting like having batch uploading. But, you have to get it d/l first from Flock

It's like a browser, but you can click on one of the icon to view the gallery and from there, click on upload photos and you be able to do batch uploading. It's link up with PhotoBucket and flickr. It will auto detect it and have it upload to your album on one of these site. Cool huh?

I be uploading some photos on Multiply too. Haha... Crazy huh! :op

I be joining Safra photo competition which the deadline will be end of this year. Hehe. Best of luck! 1st prize inclusive of Nikon D200. Hehe...

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