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Monday, August 14


Oh mine.... the entire weekend is hilarious! haha...

I played games non stop and one of my favourite game will be "Grand Theft Auto". It's incredible game like finding out who is the mastermind of the attack and I have to follow the instruction. I get to drive ard with different vehicles too! I can even hop on to any other vehicles I saw by the roadside or even drag the person off to drive off. Of course, I met accident and killed alot of pedestrian too. LOL... Overall, I had not finish the game but will be patiently playing with my girl.

I did some recording tutorial on Samplitude for my frenz which to guide them along but there's certain things I can't figure out as I need to troubleshoot because I can't record anything on Samplitude while my winamp is playing. That's weird.

Beside that, I also attend my Class 2 lesson on Sunday but sadly to say I had to retake the subject due to my bumpy course is not good enough. Nevertheless, practise make perfect. :) I had managed to overcome my E Brake but good to hear there's much of improvement as the instructor said yesterday. There's only 2 of us taking Class 2 lesson and one of them is girl whom I think she is the type for scrambler but I'm wrong! Haha. She rode Honda Super Four Spec III Bol'dor with the head fairing on it. Incredible taste.

Well, her S course is not stable as she fallen from the bike twice and she had to retake again. Haha.. If she passed, something wrong Im having with. Haha.. End up, only 2 ppl pass inclusive of Class 2A learners out of a total of 5ppl.

Tonight, I be heading for another lesson which I hope to clear it once and for all. If it's great, then this Sat will be my final stage and aiming for TP. God, pls help me. hehe.

Numerous on the road while riding, I simply can't stand stupid drivers with no sense of hitting the signal light! What the shit load is this with cutting lane without putting signal light?! Pls no not think that even though you are driving the big car on road means you are the owner or what so ever. God damn you!

I wish your car get scratch or knocked onto the wall and suffered with few Ks of repairing! You are just simple too rich! Do you put these money in mind? Even if its a gradual changing of lane, you still HAVE TO put on signal light! You MOFO! Do not understand how the fish you ppl managed to get the license.

Simple can't stand with these idiotic drivers. Next time, I will memorise the Car Plate number, Make, Color on my blog and also pointing out WHAT they do on road. Stuid shitters!

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