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Thursday, August 17

Shopping Spree and Resting

I had MC for 2 days as I went to Ma Kuang to get my wrist rubbed. I walked from Riverwalk all the way to my old workplace location which is at Chinatown and had it treatment.

The entire treatment took abt 30min as I was told to lie down, heat up my injury part to let the blood circulation go faster and get it massage. Its a tender massage and ultra painful for both days as I went. The doctore told me to rest for 2 days but instead she wrote 1 day on the MC and advise me to come the next day for another treatment. I was lucky to reach there before 1pm as they are closing for resting until 2pm. Each session was $28 and I even got a box of pills which is 30 of them and had to consume 1 pill for each day about a mth time. This is to make my wrist ligament stronger as she told me I had twisted my ligament and thats why I can't really carry heavy stuff for a time being.

After that, my gf came and we off to Orchard to shop ard. We had our lunch at Central which is located at Takashimaya. She had baked rice with chicken and I had fried nissin noodle with luncheon meat. Marvellous but not as fantastic tho. Even the Yuan Yang drink wasnt that nice. Yuan Yang is mixed with coffee and tea together. Nice but to my disappointment at Central. I guess, the Yuang Yang at Xin Wan located at Kovan is great! I shall visit there soon if there's any opportunity.

We went shopping around after the meal and had my Master Debit Card terminated at POSB and got my GO! ATM Mastercard. Hehe.. This is terrific.

We even bought Tea Leaves to have the enjoyment of life tasting Chinese Tea. We bought the Oolong tea leaves which is from Taiwan. Nice and terrific, having taking a look of the Oolong Tea effect, it consists of low cholestro, digestion etc. I thought of buying the tea set but in the end, never. haha. We even walked around to search for small kettle to boil the water and the cup to separate the leaves and tea apart.

We didn't bought anything from the cup session tho. And further walk on to look for wallets. I saw a few nice design from Renoma. Great. And sadly that my darling do not want to buy one of the wallet which look quite nice and cost around $108. Still alright to me.

As we were walking, suddenly I went in to Burberry shop and take a look of the wallet. Damn nice design as its not like the original trademark of Burberry, its design is in dark grey and black, the feeling was like mesh with the pattern printed on the other surface of the wallet. There are small and big type. I fancy the bigger one as you can put in ur big notes in the wallet without been seen by the others. For instance, like Hongkong notes which is very big especially the 1000HKD. hehe. But there's no horse logo on it but, I do love that wallet. Another patter which my ger took and see is about the same as I holding on at that time. But its in dark brown and at the middle of the wallet when you spread out, there's a logo on it. Nice too. There's no coin pocket for all and the small type can put around 4 cards at each side, and as for the bigger one, it can put 8 cards in both side which is a total of 16 cards! Marvellous! I love that! But, $350 for a wallet is something that I wouldn't even think of that.
This is the one I like with no logo.

This is with the logo at the middle.

Maybe, I should take a look Thailand stuff. LOL. Having looking at my own wallet, I guess, its about time. Haha...

After the drooling session at Burberry shop, we walk on to look for more pots but in the end, we bought the Air Revitalisor System . Its $48 and free 2 bottle of aromatherapy bottle, big and small. Great.

I placed at my room and finally smell quite nice and it intake the dust and let go the nice smell. Feel so comfy at my room.

Before heading home with loads of stuff, we dropped off at Bukit Panjang Plaza and head to Jean Yip for haircut as I can't stand my untidy hair.

The ppl there are nice and thou they kinda irritate me whether I wanna do this and that, but I can sense that they are merely just recommending and advises to us and not forcing till I get piss. My girl oso did hair cut and both us had alittle treatment. Her's for make hair smooth and mine is for scalp due to there's alittle hair lost. FUCK.

They were quite concerned too for my injured wrist and both of us and the hairdressers do talk alot. Haha... Perhaps they are bored too. Haha But Im kinda sad upon hearing the hair lose problem. So, in the end I bought the liquid stuff from them to keep my scalp have protection and saying that having putting too much of wax is not good for my scalp and best to do clean up scalp treatment.

I guess, next time I'll do after my ICT session. Anyway, my ger also bought the hair treatment too. Quite smooth after putting it. Oh yah, I bought the shampoo too for the hairloss too. haha..

Shampoo $36, Liquid = $80, my ger treatment liquid $100. With our hair cut, a total of $257 were spent. Just indgule for a day. hehe..

After that, we went home to have dinner and had Playstation session at night with the cute game of The Sims Bustin' Out. A game like Tamagotchi and make the person work to get the fame and bring home money, etc etc... In fact, I prefer Sim City because I can build the city from scratch, police station, firestation, hospital, road, houses and even piping etc.. its frustration but I do like to play such building games. haha... fun though.

The next day is a fast day thou. hehe.

Morning, play the same game and we had fried rice as breakfast and under my ger talking to my parent, they finally agreed to go Tung Luk Teahouse @ China Square for Dim Sum session! Yeah! Im so happy to bring them out and they seem quite happy too. Lol. Its buffet session and each pax cost $15 and we had more then 20 dishes! Haha Im glad to bring them out ytd and thanks to my dearie too. Too bad, if there's UOB Ladies card, there might be discount too! hehe

Of course, I had to go to Ma Kuang for another treatment and get another MC from the doc as she wrote only 1 day the day before. So, end up I paid $60 for pills and consultation. haha.

After the dim sum session, we went home from Chinatown and also checked out the air tix to BKK during the New Year time which is ultra peak session. Timing, money, accomandation is a problem. My sister find it exp and just found ZUJI had Swiss Air on 29th night time and cost $210 w.o tax. It will be 312 if tax is inclusive and we had not include the hotel room too. Wondering if they want Silom Village Inn or not as I stayed there before. There will be no airport transfer at all. So everything will be on our own.

We be visiting Four Buddha, "Papong", Chatuchak, Tailong Float Market and MBK. Hehe. Whether or not they want the Asia Hotel is another talking already. Haha.

Anyway, hope everything will be fine on this trip, pls... let it be a miracle. Everything is fineeeeeeeeeee haha..

Returning home time, we had game session again and I requested the game of 7 sins which Rachel recommend. Woah! Incredible! You can tackle the girls, take their money, peep at them, touch them and have sex with them if their relationship with you reaches Passion stage. Incredible. Its no wonder why it is banned. Hehe...

My ger got hooked on game! Haha... funny her. hehe.. Guess she wanna pass the stage hehe...

Time to do research on the trip. N back to work.... Poor wrist is still bandage. haha

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