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Monday, August 7

My friend just shared some photo gallery with me earlier on. I find it very nice and interesting, hence I wanted to share with you all. I cannot imagine how hard the script it will be.

Photo Gallery 1

Photo Gallery 2

Interesting Web

Interesting Web 2

Over the weekend, my dearie and me went to Suntec City and had our marvellous meal over at Kenny Roger! Yummy..

Chicken with Ribs.. yummy...

2 days in a row, working as flyer distributor at Marine Parade is no kidding. I am really over shag out while distributing it... Carpark and to the ppl on the road. I can feel for the others while ppl do not even care/ take the flyers at all. Some gave you some irritating look that make me almost wanna punch on their face.

To me, I really hope to finish the entire lots but end up I don't... I worked from Saturday and suffered from minior sprain on my left foot which is still in pain right now.

Eventually JJ got his brother's friend to work for us but end up, he smsed back on the 2nd day saying he is sick and unable to turn up for work. But why bluffed ppl saying that he is alr out and on his way to work? Furthermore, he off his phone after that. What kind of responsible act is from such person? Furthermore, I called JJ and been nice to check up with him and found out he just returned home not long ago.

By right, having been played out by the guy he recommend, he should make his move to come down. Though I said its ok. But yet, why isnt any concern from him after he knew Im injured and also he should come down afterall. 2 hr also good but I see nothing at all.. He wipe his ass off by relaxing at home.

How can I ever trust ppl like that? This is really too much.... So saddening.

Luckily that one of the student's mom of who so ever relationship is willing to work at the very last min. So he rushed down and start the stuff. Coolios that he managed to finish all the flyers in no time before 5pm. Thanks alot man.

Tired, aching is what Im having now. hehe...

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