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Tuesday, August 15

Injury and hatred!

On my way home, I had a good sleep in the bus and luckily I did not performed any ritual like moving my body left and right as Im sitting outside away from the window seat and best of luck that I didn't bumped on a girl who is standing beside me.

I had to rush home and get ready for my bike lesson at BBDC which starta at 7.50pm. I had my dinner before making my way out and of course that my dad was at home then. Due to his bus condition, he is unable to work for about one week or so. Anyway, even its a accident occured, I told him that just take it as if its a leave and resting period for him. Been driving for almost 30 years, its time to take a break.

As I make my way out with my dad's bike, I stopped at the traffic light waiting for the green light, just that a BMW stopped right behind me and suddenly swerver to its left and stop right BESIDE ME!. I was like, hey man I almost at the middle of the lane and why are you prick cockster wanna squeeze with me!

I kept staring in and shake my head. Just then I engaged to 1st gear and crawled out, the stupid car also wanna move too! There's a girl beside the seat and the driver is a slim uncle. BTW, I do not give a F at all!

Once it turned green, I rode fast and cut back to my lane as Im making a right turn. As I further rode faster and cut back to the lane of the left, the BMW had no choice but to go faster by another lane. I kept glancing back and side wherever the damn stupid car is moving. Its either in black or dark blue color, BMW 7 series and car plate no, SD*2001G. I can't rem the plate but I rem the number clearly.

This driver I am warning you to drive carefully on the road and upon waiting for the traffic light to turn, PLS KINDLY DO NOT FUCKING SQUEEZE IN!!!! U Prick!

Anyway, I saw my friend once again at BBDC. I had managed to make myself almost to very good for my S course, Crank course and E brake and forever stuck at Bumpy course thus I failed this subject again. Position is bad, moving body, too fast and wrong technique. Sigh.. Anyway, I just take it as to practise more so that TP can one time pass. Furthermore, there's another girl with me taking Class 2 as well (Again). She passed! Congrat and I even asked her how many time she is in this subject and replying back that its her 4th time! OMG!

Anyway, for my E brake while waiting for my turn, my frenz rode in and squeeze all of the bikes and stop beside me and throttle hard on my bike to disturb me! haha End up, the girl behind me had the power session of smelling the carbon monoxide. This particular girl had colored hair and with a white rectangular spec which look like Hongkonger. haha. Anyway, she fallen off as she rode 45km/hr for her e brake and its a class 2b somemore which the speed must be 30km! haha.

Anyway, its time my turn to go for the E brake and I managed to stop it nicely but, my frenz is so idiotic and jump out from the left side and wanna scare me off. Luckily I am at the right side, and I shall not pay attention to him at all so I managed to overcome that.

But, come to the bumpy course, I half standing and try to balance it and end up I guess my foot had press the rear brake and make my bike cant move on, it stalled and I lose the control of balancing and literally fall to the right. I jumped out from the bike and yet, not knowing why is my right hand still holding on to the throttle even when it dropped! Perhaps I want it to drop it gracefully and, I even hold the throttle so much till it produce a lot noise from the exhuast as I pump the entire RPM. haha.

Anyway, I gotta redo for the next practical session. Out of 6 ppl, 3 passed. Hehe. Another guy taking Class 2A had to retake again. Both of us came twice. Shitty subject but hope that this train me up. hoping the entire course give me more confident after yesterday.

Well, I suffered from wrist injury and will be going to bonesetter for massage and I be taking time off. I can't even take heavy things now. Damn it. I can't sleep well when I attempt to move my wrist. hehe.

TIB1035B, bus no 190. Why can't the ppl have a check before moving out and have the bus maintenance every mth? Sigh.. I guess its not in luck thou. Before entering the BKE, the bus ram it hard to 'warm' up and I know something is not right. It move off but its not a smooth journey. It stopped by the expressway for 4 time and rammed hard again and almost every stop inclusive of bus stop and traffic light, the bus driver had to ram on hard...

End up, its a slow journey but luckily everyone managed to reach the workplace and I am not even late afterall. haha.. phew...

QCing the music now and then later taking time off. I had to place M&M chocolate cone which is for the minis to put under my wrist so that no much force is been used for me to move ard on typing keyboard and moving of mouse. :o(

Hope this week, I can finish this subject....

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