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Sunday, August 20

I can't stand anymore! Idiotic driver! I was on the straight road which is the main road, and yet, there's a car attempt to make a right turn to the minor road which led to the terrance house! He somemore drove damn fast and went straight in!

This is no freaking kidding ok! What if I bang on the car? U prick! Furthermore, I horned as long as I could and showed him hand signal of HEY YA KNOW HOW TO DRIVE?!

Damn you. I feel like turning back to the minor road and take down the car plate number and submit to TP! Damn it. But due to I had some problem, I cant do it.

Furthermore, while turing right at Still Road to Marine Parade, there's a big BMW suddenly turn right out of the lane and drove off fast to make right turn! Can't this driver wait? So what if it's red light and the car in front of you is not making right turn? That doesnt give you a chance to do such a dangerous act! Woman driver... I saw when I drove past the vehicle. What an ass drivers....

I was at Plaza Singapura with my girl and was holding on not to go loo as she is trying some clothes. I quickly rushed to loo when she bought the stuff. Just then, I realised that there's one of the vein is kinda pain.

I tried to stand up, sit down or whatever... it seem like there's a vein been pressed thus making me damn uncomfortable and as if my leg feel so numb! Gosh.. I hope Im ok later on.

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