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Tuesday, August 29

I bet there are some of the few love chill out music alot. Especially the wonderful LUSH 995 that feature Jazz, Lounge, Chill etc..

It's one of the nicest program I ever heard as to compare to another of my favourite radio station, Class 95. Upon listening to chill music, either Lush or DI.FM Chill channel, the mood of mine does calm me down.

Its a music with melody and light kick and bass depending on the producer liking too. Somehow or rather, the feeling is just right to make me feel so comfortable and relax the mind of mine. To be frank, even while working, I had put on my headphone and turn on to DI.FM for chill channel. That include while Im at home facing my computer and I blast the wonderful chill music out.

At time, while riding time or at home, LUSH 995 will be playing through my hi-fi system.

Its a feeling that can never be explain and the love of the chill is just there. I hope to produce such wonderful music even more.

Furthermore, we should not forget the veteran DJ in Singapore who is Yukun and Jeremy Boon who had their Private Reserve by LUSH 995. Im proud of that and great tune as it is.

Im sorry that I do not have Jeremy Boon link but, I do have Yukun link which you have want to take alook over here.

That's cute that mine is JoshBoon and he is Jeremy Boon. Im not copying! It just happen this way. J and a B! LOL

In fact, Jeremy Boon is considered to be my senior back in my sch at SAE. LOL. I was told by my lecturer, Giri. I didn't managed to see him as he is way too senior before I enrol my course in SAE.

I once heard Chris Oh mentioning a guy named Giri from SAE as he featured his track! I gonna asked him whether is it him. lol


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