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Thursday, August 31

Haha.. this is great! Im using Flock to upload my photos to flickr and I blog it using flickr.. incredible fast! Woot!

But it create a lot of post in my blog and moreover, I still cannot find the setting to upload all the photos at one shot.. that's pretty weird... anywhere, these are what I seen yesterday.... Do you believe your eyes?

Today, my girl and me decided to have Burger King for breakfast at peninsuala plaza, hence we move out at 8am. Most of the time, we will reach around 8.45am which amble time to enjoy my food.

It seem like its not moving quite smooth today. Its raining cats and dogs like yesterday. While on the bus of 190, both of us stood all the way and the most frustration part was, I saw 2 more buses of no.190 behind!! Damn it.. I could have sleep in there! But, look at the optimistic part, the bus driver drove quite fast and cut lane to prevent any waiting time.

But sadly to say, upon entering BKE from Bukit Panjang, we already stuck at the road bend. All the way to PIE took us 45min! The bus even stop at the expressway for 5min inorder to move on! Can you imagine that? There's horns somewhere... ambulance came.. thought there's any accident but.. no... I heard from radio, the jam was pretty long.. from PIE until BKE mandai...

There are 4 lanes and the fast lane were the only one moving fast as its linking to PIE towards Jurong. For the 3rd lane, there are always cars wanna cut in to lane 3 and 4, as a result traffic jam occur. There are high volume of traffic as well which i do not why is it so horrifying! I can stuck at BKE for 45min! And whenever after the statellite station, the traffic went smooth... sigh..

Why some cock drivers just stay in their fucking Q and move in slowly and anyhow cut here and there? I know raining make all vehicles to move slow but it shouldn't be in the case everyone is stuck because some cock driver wanna cut in abruptly... which accident OCCUR! Brat!

Sigh.. I think I should relax... haha... why get so fed up.. everyone also in the same situation as mine... end up... I can't have breakfast with my dearie and even told her to alight at Dhoby Ghaut so that she can take NEL back home. By the time, its already 9.11am and I reach around 9.20am.. timing is so tight so Im not eating with her thou.

Quite a lousy morning also... rainy day... how I wish I can sleep like a pig.

Ytd, both of us were doing some touch up on music... hoping everything goes smoothly...

Every1 is always in the same situation of repeating the melody for 4bars and above which is a no no method. Melody must move on for another variation to improve the music so that ppl will not feel bored and tired at all. That's something I have to understand.

I shall move on to my own music tonight with more arrangement clear up and finding a proper sounding to suit in.. mingle around to make the drum some nice so that it sound terrific! Hoping these 2 tunes will be done soon in 2 weeks time..

COMEX is coming... wide screen LCD, ram and graphic card is in my item list... haha.. :op

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