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Friday, August 18

Haha This is so interesting as Darrel gave me the link earlier on. Haha... Missile attacking.. incredible.. hehe..

Now, Im currently uploading photos to Photobuckets. Afterwhich, I be linking some of the photos here to let everyone view what I had taken during my trip to HK.

I wanted to upload to multiply ytd but, due to the timing is kinda jumble up, I had no choice but upload not alot to there. It's quite pain in da ass to load so many areas. Although its linked up with but I find it lazy to reupload again.

Beside, Darrel told me that the photos which I can upload at flickr can store for a long time but it will only showcase 200 photos per mth. And the no.201 photo will be hidden and therefore, I can link to my blog. Whats the point though as I wanted to showcase to everyone here. Right?

I guess photobucket will be my permanent photos storage area and shall left my website alone for other usage. hehe.. Because I freaking can't login to my account over here in office as I guessed, its been blocked. Sigh... So sad, if not, I can do everything that I want in office.

Now, I shall carry on uploading my photos.

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