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Friday, August 11

Everything is fine recently and I am been too busy at work... Non stop working as it's kinda busy mth.

It seem quite fast for everyday to pass... morning to noon to night and repeat it all over again... It's alr the 3rd week since I came back from Hong Kong. With no fear, Im been processing the photos and will be showing to everyone really soon. Just give me a bit of time.

Thanks to Rachel as she sold me her PS2 to me at the price of $100 only! With 2 booklet of Games! Hahaha... Rather then giving to relative of her's, she prefer to sell it to me. hehe.. Im literally happy, of coz! And imediately on the Holiday of National Day, I drove all the way to Sembawang side to collect it from her.

Of course, after returning back from Hong Kong, we had not pray yet so I went to Waterloo St to pray and thanks god for protecting us. Because its typhoon the next day we returned to Singapore.

At the same time, we went to Sim Lim Square to buy remote controller as Rachel had only 1. It's lucky that my girl and me went to 2 shops as she remembered there's a shop at the basement. Man... the difference of the remote controller are about $20 apart! Omg!

I saw quite a number of cool games and did not buy in the end as Im scared that there's repetition of games Rachel gave and I had not really look through it. Im aiming for GT4. Coolios, I had GT 3, Ghost in the Shell, Grand Theft Auto etc etc... great games.

We had fun together while playing games when we reached home. Hehe.. cool.

Love it and thanks.

Another things to talk about some incident that happened yesterday. My gf music school ad banner which is tied to the metal pillar were cut off by someone. I reached there around 7pm and check on the cable tied and confirm its been cut. The reason can be simple. Even if its wind, why were only the 2 Ads been cut? Especially its only at the bottom? And, there's no trace of cable tie been pulled to give a stretch mark. All cables were been cut nicely and all is perfect cut.

And also, why isnt the rest of the ad not affected at all? Somemore, one of the Ad from the music sch which is on the same pillar had one more ad behind them, and it is not been cut at all. Why is Music Sch Ad been cut only? This is call vandalism and my gf called the Town Concil for this incident. She were told that apart from the content of the Ad and payment, they will not hold any responsibilities upn vandalism etc... but, was told to file a police report to alert the awareness.

It took about 1 hr for the report to be filed in Marine Parade Neighbourhood Police Post. At least the report is with the Police and they can trace it faster if someone tried to vandalise again.

Well, my dad also got involved in minor car accident.

According to my Sister, my dad's bus left mirror had problem or what so ever which I can't rem. I think it dropped as my dad's bus tried to make a left turn and the van came out suddenly and hit the bus. No one is injured but minor accident , I aint sure about the driver though. But luckily everything is nice.


Something I wanna say but... I think not... its common for the couple to quarrel over where to live. Location, transport, near parent, future development, well known school for kids in future... etc. This is all in the concern. I hope to have a 2 storey exe HDB flat if there's any chance. Haha... at least I feel more shiok living with it. Nice, though.

Planning on Classical Guitar now but aint sure which to buy. Look, Sound, Price? That's imptnt. Im still considering. Wanted to learn more on music and I decided to take up guitar lesson upon knowing more notes on fret and fingering on classical guitar. Just wondering which to choose thou. Hehe..

Apart from that, something I would like to share with everyone regrading to some idiotic car drivers who anyhow park their cars. James share this link with me. I had a good laugh at that.

If you happened to see such a parking somewhere, go on and snap it! Submit to the guy! hehe... These are one idiotic drivers afterall. Can't stand them and been figuring why and how they managed to pass the licence. Haha.

Good luck to my ger FTT which she be taking next week. Must pass ok?

Tmr will be my first practical Class 2 lesson at Bukit Batok Driving Centre. Hoping to get my TP ASAP. LOL... If only I can finish the entire course within 2 days which is Saturday and Sunday. LOL..

Thinking of my PS2 now... how I wish Im home playing games and doing some music which I hope to submit to labels. hehe...It seem hard to practise on piano when you do not even have an acoustic piano. Hmm... that's pretty bad. hehe... no much of feeling at all. Guitar wise, no problem. hehe.. love it alot. hehe.. I guess by learning Classical guitar, it do help to learn more fingering, scale and chords and how to press, just like classical piano. Once you master it, wanna move out from the range is pretty easy and great because you had learn the basis knowledge of classical piano/ guitar. hehe....

Time to work and enjoy your day. It's Fries Day and I feel great! hehe

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