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Friday, August 4


I am literally disappointed on the whole situation.

Let me put it this way:

My frenz, JJ, asked me for Flight Number but yet he didn't turn up when I am back in Singapore. But, under no obligation I do not see a reason why he must turn up as he do not owe us anything.

Again, he said that he wanted Grey Goose Vodka and I promised to buy for him since he requested first. I had no idea whether I will buy for my own or not so, I put him on my priority list which he is my brother. But yet, having carry these stuff to home and met him up at night to pass the liquor to him, and he had to travel all the way from workplace to get it from me.

I am kinda pissed off when he told me that this is for his friend and not him. I do not react so much as I am kinda slow until my ger told me that why like that! On certain extent which I had to agree with her is that, we do not see a reason why we must buy a liquor to someone we do not know. And yet, he had to travel all the way to get it from me and then pass to his frenz own his willingness. But, what does he gain by that?

I am not asking for more money or so, but the fact is I do not know the guy at all. And why go through all the trouble for that? I am not been beggar asking him to pay more. This is kinda outrageous thou. JJ once know me that I can get things that I want then putting him on list, but I had no idea what to buy.

Reason is that its funny to buy things that I do not know who and he should had told me it is not for himself but others. I felt been made used of. I can't find any reason why I shouldnt be mad over this thing.

It can be a simple minor problem, but in general of whole picture, this is totally wrong. Been nice to friend had limitation. Who is the real friend? Who is the nicest? Why bother telling his frenz that I am going overseas and his frenz can get a cheaper price for the liquor? Why not buy himself? Why been so thick skinned and agree with it? And also, I am paying my own money to travel out of Singapore and back here to get the DFS stuff.

In overall situation, I should have say I must not be mad but yet I can't help that feeling of buying of ppl that as if I OWED him. Its like that situation of ppl claim credit of this photo is taken by them but in fact it is not.

Another thing to mention was JJ agreed helping to distribute flyers, but yet he totally forgotten about it and saying that we should informed/ remind him. I was like, shouldn't you know it better? Having knowing that you had a job on hand, please jot it down. And yet telling me that you are out to sea for fishing. Then what? Force him to work for me and not going fishing.

He wanted to help me find ppl and I push away because I began not to rely so much on ppl like such situation occured.

Victor, one of my army mate, who agreed to do for me this Sat/Sun and saying that if he is not free, his frenz will be doing it.

I sms again during 6pm and get confirmation from him and yet there's no single reply at all. Till night time when I saw him online, he told me that he THINK he and his friend no time for it.

I am so FURIOUS that I scolded him for been so irresponsible! If you do not want to do it, jolly well say it so. Why wait until I MSN you, Victor Cheong, and telling such an idiotic reply? And you fucking think that one sentences can let thing go easily? C'mom, you say sorry when you killed someone after that? This is not suppose to be.

When you are not confirmed with anything, let others know first then pin high false hope! This is ridiculous for all! Outrageous and overboard!

Do you expect to call your suppliers for confirmation when the goods will deliver? They should call you whether they had the stock or not! And how do you feel that when the supplier suddenly telling you that sorry man, we had no cement now at the last min?

Hadn't I MSN him last night to clarify whether he is going or not, I would have had knew he can't make it! Then what? Wait until tonight to ask and I get such fuck answer? This is SO irritating! Where's the responsible/ promise and everything???

This is something I cannot tolerate and I must learn from. I am not been too pissed but yet must felt that WHY friend of mine treated me this way?!

I MSN Victor with all of my sentences and yet there's no fucking reply at all! Why? I talking to ghost as this is the 7th month? Oh fuck, please man. If you can't even reply through MSN or SMS, pls throw your god darn computer and handphone away. If you think that this is small case to you, have you wonder what consequences have you caused?! I find you for Part Time job because you needed it. Then now? Damn.. I shouldn't be too nice to everyone afterall.

It's all about care for yourself and cover ur own ass man. I do not wish to rely so much for ppl who I began to put lesser trust from them.

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