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Tuesday, July 25

What more can I say? Again and again I seen the same scenario of ppl not moving in at all! Sigh... Im wondering does the front part of the bus feel so warmth and secure? Why ppl just simply move their butt in? Argh....

Class95 topic on cyclist on the road. And I heard 2 callers making some funny ideas like doing a special licence and a must to learn highway code, and building tracks for cyclists!

Money is again involved, excuse me lady, are you going to pay for such stuff and Mr, are you going to implement such law?

I know that cyclists might cause some inconvenice to certain drivers due to them kinda hog the road and thinking they are always right! But, in some situation, are you going to drive fast and knock them down like in a bowling alley? C'mom. Move aside and change lane is the best way! Why bother to complete with cyclists that uses their thigh muscle to move on and you using ur ball of foot to press on the accelerator and dash?!

I can only agree with one situation during the conversation that is avoid cycling in peak hour. For safety cautious though. But... too much of law and restriction is too suffocating! Why not look at China Beijing? Why so many cyclists there?

If you want to put a blame, blame on people that never use common sense to cycle or drive the car. Simple as that. When accident occur, then you will feel the guilty on the face! Practise safety ppl!

Apparently, I watched my favourite Discovery Channel on SCV and the show was about North Korea! A communists country which is never open to outside world to refrain their brain washed. To think, what you see there was the old days of China! But firstly, I had to salute them due to their group activites. I seen the gym of theirs, nothing can compared with them. Its so neat and synchronise! I took my hat off them!

To think, they are not open to the world, they manage to build their own housing, military, etc etc etc.. Im wondering how they do it.... they even had the knowledge upon making bombs... make me wonder alot.. nevertheless.... I love the show as to understand their country. To each of their leader's idea. And this show was filmed 3 years ago by British and finally broadcast on Discovery Channel. To think, the approval of going in their country is very tedious, let alone the filming part and broadcast on Discover! Man....

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