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Thursday, July 6

This is weird. I tried alot of times to login here but kept on saying error. I requested help from Darrel and according to him, it seem fine to him. What he told me was there might be some lost connection somewhere and will be ok in 1 or 2 days. As he is direct link from US, it should be fine.

It took me about 10min just to reach to this stage and start writing my blog.

And he also mentioned that, by using another way to look at my blog, my blog literally look damn funny! LOL. He print screen it and send the file to me. I had a big shock tho! It could be blogspot is having some maintainence session.

This is what it happened on Darrel computer. LOL. Ignore the menu task as it belong to his computer.

Click on it in order to view in full size

Yesterday, I took half day to accompany my gf to People's Park Centre in search of good agency for our trip to HONGKONG! Yes, we asked few agencies and compared the price and finally laid our butt at one of the agency, City 99. Upon entering, my gf asked for 4D3N trip to HK, we were told to sit down first and then the girl went ahead to the area to grab the brouchers for us. Im totally happy with such services! I remembered while going in one of the agencies, we were told to get the form ourselve! I was like, what the!!! Im ok with getting the form but I just can't stand the way she talk! At least nice tone! Im the customer, I expect smile from you and friendness! I didnt see it at all! That's totally swtich off and I decided to leave the place and never go back to the shop and at the same time, we found out its by budget airline. We hoping for a great relaxation so we insist on better flight.

In total of $707 each, it come together with a free 1/2 day city tour (up to us to join or not), and not to forget our disneyland! Hehe. Knowing that its very small as many told us, but we just went ahead! Who cares for now because what we gonna see is small disneyland, until when we had enuff money, we be overwhelming when the REAL DISNEYLAND appear infront of us! hehe..

We chose Mayfair Hotel then Kimberly due to its $60 cheaper and nearer to MTR and easy access to lots of area. The reason will be simple, we are there to sleep and bathe, then out again the next day. Do we need a plasma tv, big room just to stay in the hotel room? Boring, ok?! Hehe.. No doubt, the girl told us it will be like the moment you entered the room, the bed is just right infront of you. That small! Just imagine the size of your bedroom.

Kimberly Hotel seem great but I would rather splurge my money on other stuffs like DVDs and clothes etc etc... And if I wanted a better hotel, I will choose R.Kowloon Hotel (If I'm not wrong) which will be $10 more then Kimberly and thats a 4 star and confirm comfy hotel in overall. But it will be quite far down though. Hehe...

Anyway, due to my darling had treated me to Bintan, I decided to pay for this trip! How nice right? lol

Nicolas will be meeting me up and will get into details once I'm there! Woot! Its been a long time since we ever meet up.

The most hatred part is that we be reaching in HK around 2pm which mean 1/2day gone. And I hope City Tour is on Day 1. Day 2 Free and Easy to anywhere, meet ppl for makan, buy dvds, clothing and also some sigh seeing. Day 3 will be Disneyland and final day will be final shopping and we have to get to airport by 6pm as our flight is 8pm. Cathay Pacific will be the airline I be taking so I gonna spotcheck their programmes! LOL

Thanks for alot of ppl who helped me for the HK trip tips abt where to go etc etc etc. No doubt my gf went before, but there might be huge changes around the place. :)

My sister finally get her computer done! But the most idiotic problem which why I cant get it connect is because of the userid I put! Which mean, the userid should be "userid@singnet" that's all! No wonder I can't get it done for so long! LOL

But then again, she got spyware again! I helped her installed the firewall program but I guess there's some part I didn't follow the procedure thus making it worse. She just feel so slow now! Can't load the photos link on net and some other stupid problem which 2Wire gave. LOL

Planning for a laptop for my girl, but wondering MacBookPro or just a normal will do. I can use it in future tho. LOL *evil*

Was thinking when IRAS sending back the Statement of Account so that I can use that to apply for my CC and I can buy huge things in 0% installment. Hehehe.. Waiting patiently for them to reach my doorstep!

Oh, another thing will be, I be sponsoring my parent to BKK end of year or next Jan depending on everyone is free! Bring them to MK to eat, go MBK buy clotings, go Tabling Float Market to eat, Grand Palace to visit and 4 Faced Buddha which is the most important assignment. My mom agreed to go but left my dad now. Hoping my sis and bro-in-law can make it too. Whole family going on trip, how nice! Hoping there's good price by then and hoping to grab the same hotel I used to stay before. Let them have the enjoyment been in another country and also taking the plane. Hehe...

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