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Tuesday, July 4

This is ultimately not justifiable for the increase of cab fare! Read the NEWS report from CNA.

Having $2.50 is fine, but add on to ERP and peak hour surcharge is way too much for commuters! What are they trying to do? Coz of the increase of diesel price?

Trips less than 10 kilometres will be charged at 10 cents for every 210 metres travelled, compared to 225 metres currently.

For trips above 10 kilometres, the charge will be 10 cents per 175 metres, compared to 200 metres now.

What is this thou??? I simply cant find a logic for that. Yes, a help to taxi drivers? Fine but why so much of all these stupid price increasing? Are they trying to squeeze us dry since the day THEY gave us the MONEY?

More likely that I continue to take my public transport and also not to choose Comfort and Yellow Top! I can't finding myself to pay so much just for a cabfare! If not, I will rather get my own tpt! At least I feel better in all sense! Imagine taking the cab almost everyday and add up to the sum? That will give you almost touching the figure of mthly installment from your own vehicle!

What are we living here for??? Yah.. bloodsuckers everywhere.

Reading SingaporeBikeForum, I had chill down my spine! The accident occur on every bikers had a bad phobia! While reading on some accident on injury, I felt my knee is in pain! That could be one of the psychology mind set which my knee is recovered but yet, pain is what I feel in my mind. Not only that, lots of death were reported lately. I guess, July is coming which is the month of the Chinese Month also known Hell Month, whereas spirit are free from hell and visit their close one in our world. Some would say, its time for some ppl to report to hell, thus death are seen daily on newspaper. That could be a myth tho.

I wishes Darrel and Lawrence good luck in wedding assignment. They might get a chance to be interviewed by Her World's Bride Magazine. Cheers to them. Hope u guys can make it.

I managed to finish Cubase SX3 level 2 tutorial and began to know more about it. Will start on the production real real soon! After watching FatboySilm live at Brighton Beach DVD, it blew me off. The crowds are about thrice time the size of ppl went for Zoukout at Sentosa! Just imagine that! Somemore, just FBS alone! Huge party and wonderful huh! Though its a old set but I enjoy watching it, many salute to the team who made this DVD alive! Marvellous video clip! How I wish I had a chance for that too! hahaha.. But, most important will be music of mine must be good so that DJs will be able to play out and crowds LOVE IT ALL! WOOT!

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