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Thursday, July 20

Sometime I really had no idea what do ppl want or rather, I should try not to be so busybody. Here am I trying to get more info from someone but yet I was been told off that its a layman terms and end up saying me I shouldnt be asking this and that.

The fact is, what is wrong upon asking? How I know more info if I didn't ask? I do not want to act as a clown as if I know so many things without asking further details and please forgoodness sake, do not assume people know what you are saying. Im no full time photographer or rather know alot of what layman terms and its obviously I do not know.

If you had no time upon explaining, pull it down. That's simple. Im merely asking whether its a personal stuff or coporate as I would like to charge differently but situation of that do not push me to that extent and I rather don't pick up this assignment!

I'll vomit more blood before I go for the assignment. Sighz...


Home system had been fixed up and took me one whole day to fix it and its never easy to do the cabling and lie them properly. Of course, not to mention about configuration too because I had to make sure all signal must pass in from there to here and vice versa...

Anyway, left a little things to be done and its ready to go. Cool.

Today isn't a good day as both 190 are full packed and its a short normal bus. Frequency was rather slow because there are alot of ppl waiting at the bus stop and I pity some of them were unable to get on board of the bus due to its really packed! But luckily I reach in time tho.

And early in the morning, while closing the window, without realising my middle finger is in the way, I push it real fast and end up hurt it. Now, swollen and in pain.. damn it.. shit.....

What a day to be..

I had to finish up 2 programs before this weekend and everything had to be done by next friday as its my Hong Kong Trip! Yahoo!!!!

Pour the bad away and bring the happiness!!! hehe

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