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Wednesday, July 5

Read the news here! What's going on? OMG! Everything is increasing? Come to think about it, will cab driver getting less job on road now? How can you say 12 years no increase? Whats the rate of a workers pay in the past compared to now? Pls man... Whats to justify? I bet their cab booking from the company increase too! Or maybe not? Is company been nice to help them or what? From less business a day to almost zero! Who are the ppl they should push the blame to?

Smoking is prohibited in coffeeshop and limited to 10% of the seatfor smokers. This reduce business also! Yes, you get fresh air while enjoying the food but ppl will just come and go without having thought of staying there for long. Ppl might not consider about it and carry on smoking but what to do? Just 10% which is about 6 tables only at my nearby kopitiam is so pathetic. Yellow box were drawn on floor. Yes, smokers had their own area but come on, can you control the air?
For an example while eating outside at Macdonald which gave you 2 tables. No doubt yellow box were drawn on floor, but even while Im outside of the box, I still can smoke! Why? I can choose not to eat and walking around with my ciggie! You can control coffeeshop within their premises but not out their premises! I can stand OUTSIDE of the kopitiam with no chair smoking and the air still travel the smoke inside kopitiam! Whats the point. You are eventually making ppl smoking elsewhere and giving more pollution!

Alot of ppl complaint not to stay at kopishop because there are no need for it. They can stay at void deck, outside places which have seats and smoke. SAME! Are you able to ban smoking in silypore like what you did in the past for bubblegum? Haha.. I guess many will say, it will not. Taxes is the answer for everything!

Anyway, this is the life we staying at. Its all about rushing and earning money. Where's the life we hope for? For an example, Fashion on street like HongKong or Music Scene or Acting Scene? Fashion = Our weather is too screw up. Music = we do not have the proper foundation while we talk. Thus stupid accent come out. Acting = No one are willing to sponsor because they fail no matter what. This is what we living at.

Imagine having great support from big companies and willing to sponsor? We can be another HK but we had too many POSERS here! Gosh.... Action is the word for them. They had no substance in them! Yes, veteran of celebrities rock but for now.. OH MY! Please! Damien and me had different thinking. If I chose normal life of having family, photographing and audio is not for me. No.. I do not think so! Who say having family cant do what I like? I must be determine! I shall prove it. I do not allow ppl to look down on me.

Some ppl may say having big project is good and we shall forget the small buziness. But my mentor once told me before, big bucks project do not come as frequent as what you thought. But small ones always because budget. No matter what, they are yours $ to survive and earn. You MUST NOT forget them because they helped you. What if one day, downluck happen? You needed them for help as to take in their project but they found someone else willing to because they were rejected by you once before! Who had the last laugh now? Do not forget who help you before.

Happy Belated Birthday, JJ. May your wishes upon finding gf will come true! Cheers. Hope you like the bag we gave you yesterday at kopitiam and of course with that delicious Coffee Cake from Angie The Choice.

My ger and me finally put our mindset on HK this time. Will be asking around at agency for more information though. She kept saying good and bad points on places which I agreed always and in the end, Im left with clueless mindset where to go. We must have a strong mindset, this mean this! Do not change unless we had some slight problem though. So, HongKong Trip is done. I might be buy more clothes there and also, visit some presenters in HongKong which they did some programmes for us in IFP. Also, visit Mr Nicolas Tang whom is one of the founder of TranceRepublic. LOL. I shall visit ya and bring me around! Do not turn me down ok? Bring me to anywhere which you feel comfy at and of course, most imptnt you must be free. Hope you looking at my blog. ;)

Hope to have good food there too! HONGKONG! HERE I COME!!! WOOT!

Buy DVDs and some stuff there depending what will it be.

Oh well, I must congrat to Vortex aka Andy from ExitMusik , which is a Drum & Bass consortium group in Singapore, because he was invited by one of the club from Japan to spin which Makoto recommended! GREAT FOR YOU! You should move on production real soon since you are getting well known. Need help on production, find me! We shall work together if you want to. I should move on to do my part. :)

I just installed IE7.0 and its real good! More like firefox as the tabs are in one browser which really save up alot of space on my taskbar. And it allow me to view it in quicktab which it look like a thumbnail on the browser. This is good when you wanna view everything at one go when you are not sure which are the browser you want to go then kept selecting each tab on the browsers. Go download it! :)

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