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Friday, July 21

The pain on my finger is alittle worst last night. But luckily that it was not in its worst condition thus I still able to do things on it. lol Anyway, phew.

Just in abt a week before I be taking off to HONG KONG! That's marvellous! I would like to thank Yahoo Message Board ppl which provide some sweet information regarding the trip to Hong Kong!

Gonna make all the list of buying first and need to get bag and tripod from friend. I know that some may say that why do I bother to bring a tripod there since Im on holiday trip? Well, in fact tripod is for night time shooting. And its my first time there, so I should capture all the nice stuff over there, why not. What if it turns out so good that I might have the guts to send the photos to Discovery Hong Kong! Hahaha... Finger cross thou!

Beside that, I would like to thank Brandon from TranceRepublic for posting my blog to their site under
Trance Blogger . For those who are interested posting their blog to Trance Blogger , you may want to email to for the request.

For those Trance Love/ Blog Lover, Hook up your blog to TranceRepublic now!

I had no idea what else to write on. Haha.. Anyway, my multiply site is ok for now. I be uploading more photos as soon as I come back from my Hong Kong trip. And therefore, my personal site is still in maze. What should I do? Darrel agreed to help me with it but, I had no idea with it. I want everything to be uinque, as in my flash gallery should be solemnly owned by me. Haha But as for the design, I sure leave it as normal. I do not intend to buy space from pBase because it's alittle irritating for a person to view your site and was ask to go another link to view more of your work which supposingly everything should be in the site.

So, I decided to put everything in which is only the good stuff. Well, I had not touched on my collage which my MUA told me so. And I will work on it over the weekend.

Beside that, I had managed reading up Compressor and Mastering which I had a better idea as I often get confused with it. For more information, you may want to get to my Multiply for more link attached.

Now, due to my finger injury, I am unable to play well on piano and press the chords on guitar, sigh. That's sad. But, nevertheless I will continue to work on the previous song I half finish and its a must to finish it and further going on more production.

One shouldn't be too lazy and do what you think is nice. Whether how it turn out, with no fear. Better then never finish up one track and live with regret. For now, do more production and listen more of other's production and at the same time, take more nice photos too for some contest.

I know that if one's not focus enough on certain things, you are unable to be good at one line. I love both thou and I hope one of them can push me even further then the now. Music is my life and I want to strive it hard. Photography is hobby and also, I wanna show the happiness on the photos to the couples and make them feel great! Important! :)

That's about all.

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