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Thursday, July 27

Many times I told myself to draw my camera out from my bag to take the interesting scenario but end up I didnt. Early this morning, I went to Waterloo St and pray. No doubt it is only 8.38am, but some worhshippers were already there. It's unlike the usual weekend you seen because of the crowds. Some people who were working nearby tend to drop by and pray, for example, ppl like me.

After my praying, I walked back to the bus stop which is about 10min of walk and upon reaching Plaza by the Park, I saw a foreman asking his workers to do some stretching before working. Its a good way to start a day work like this because light stretches prevent alot!

They were all shy as some other ppl were looking at them but yet, again I never took my camera out and while waiting for the bus at the busstop, I realise.. why didn't I take my camera phone out? Furthermore, Im listening to radio at the same time! Man!

Coming back to the point, no doubt the rest were laughing at them doing excerise, but they gonna have the last laugh because they have warm their body up! All I can say that the foreman is great! Think for his men! Nice way to be. I do hope I have the time again and approach and take a shot and interview the foreman if he do not mind. This is the most interesting part which I ever saw especially in the morning. I walked off with a smile on my face and I salute them.

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